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Bill Weasley


About Me

If you want to know more about my past, read my profile. I'm 30 years old, I live in England with Fleur Delacour and I work for Gringott's Bank.

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test [February 05, 2012 @ 9:38am]

Apology Accepted [July 18, 2006 @ 5:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

When I got home the night after Fleur accosted me (in a not so pleasant way), I found the kitchen and sitting room empty. No sign of life but for an empty cup of tea in the basin. I walked toward the bedroom and heard the soft splash of water from behind the closed door to the loo and realized she was in there, taking a bath. Any other day I would have joined her, but damn if my pride wasn't sore, among other things. It was a shite day at work and I had been angry and distracted for most of it. The incident with Fleur had weighed on me and I nearly sliced off three fingers while unraveling a curse on what turned out to be a measley useless decorated egg that to me, was worthless. But Daphne had come in and taken the egg carefully, as if it were a fist sized diamond and hurried off.

Then I had wanted to grab a drink with Charlie after work, commiserate, but he was at "birthing class" with Rousseau, which only soured my already foul mood. I sit now on the edge of the bed and pull off my boots, dropping them unceremoniously on the floor instead of by the front door. I peel off my robes and t-shirt and begin to rummage through the drawers for a clean, decent shirt. I pull the leather thong from my ponytail and run my fingers through my hair, exhaustion seeping into me before I turn and pad into the kitchen to make myself something decent to eat. I use my wand to light the stove and pull out a small package of sausages from the icebox before putting on a fresh cup of tea. I could practically feel my ear twitch whenever I heard the occasional splash of water, or the soft humming of her voice, and I tried my best to ignore it. I was trying to remain furious with her, for treating me as if I were some kind of rapist, comparing me to her damned father, as if I had or would beat her like that.

The cup I hold in my hand shatters and I blink and loko down at the pale silver china, now nothing but broken shards in my hand. Blood begins to seep from the tiny incisions and I curse before I turn on the taps of the basin. The smell of blood overwhelms and I lick my lips while I pick the china from my palm, dumping them onto a small white rag next to the basin.

I hear the water draining from the tub and I quickly clean up the mess I created before I wash the blood from my palm and use my wand to close the tiny cuts. I dump the rag and the broken cup into the rubbish bin before I pull out a pan and set it on the stove. I'm placing three sausages into the simmering pan when Fleur walks in. She smells wonderful, like jasmine, and pulls the ties of her dressing tobe tight. Her hair is pale, and wet, tied up high off of her neck. She ignores me and takes the tea pot from the stove and pours herself a new cup.

"I already ate," she states, setting the tea pot back into the stove with a small clang.

"These are for me," I lie, using a fork to turn the sausages. She picks up her tea and walks out of the kitchen, her hips swaying with indifference. Bitch. I finish cooking and sit at the table to eat. I can hear Fleur in the sitting room, flipping through parchment - probably her work from Moody. The silence is deafening. I finish eating and clean my dish before I walk into the sitting room. She's stretched out on the couch, a quill in her fingers and a piece of parchment in her hand. She's reading thoughtfully and once again, I'm amazed at how beautiful she is. Even when I'm angry with her, she takes my breath away.

I want to stay mad at her. I want to lock her out of the bedroom tonight and make her sleep on the damned couch. I want her to feel as foolish as she made me feel.

I lean against the doorframe and watch her for a moment until she finally looks at me. She lifts a delicate eyebrow in question, her full lips pressed together. I open my mouth to speak, but I'm unsure of what to say. I shove my hands in the pockets of my jeans, finally allowing the anger to ebb away.

"I'm sorry," I choke out in a hoarse voice, "if I hurt you. I was wrong, and I didn't do it intentionally. I would never hurt you the way your dad hurt your mum." It kills, saying those words, hearing them aloud again. The lines around her lips soften and she lowers the parchment to her lap. "I do love you, Fleur. I can never begin to explain to you how much."

She looks away, sighs softly and stands. The silk dressing gown swishes around her knees and she walks to me. Her hands are warm when they touch my arms, but before she can say anything, I crush her to me, his hands pressing against her back. "I'm sorry," I say again, burying my face in her hair, still damp from her bath.

She reaches up and runs her hand over my cheek before pulling back to look at me. "I know you are."

I cup her face, desperate now for her to believe me. "I don't know what came over me last night, Fleur. If I knew I had hurt you...I would never hurt you. I swear to you."

"I know--"

"No, you don't," I interrupt. "When you said that, about your parents, Gods, that hurt. I couldn't stand the idea that you would think I could do that. I know I was rough and it was wrong. I just need you to believe that I love you."

"I know you love me, me bete. I love you too." Her tone is firm and matter of fact as she stares directly into my gaze. "But eef you ever treat me like zat again, I will keep my promise to cut off--"

Wincing, I lift my palm to silence her. "I understand. Believe me."

She reaches up on her tiptoes and kisses me on the lips softly. "But you 'ave been distant lately, distracted. I feel as eef I cannot reach you, Bill, and eet worries me."

Her eyes are filled with worry and I cup her face, fanning my thumbs over her cheeks before I sigh and rest my forehead against hers. "I'm sorry. I've just been stressed with the new job. Things will get better soon, I promise."

I can still feel the hesitance in her body and while she holds me, I can tell she's still hurt, and probably slightly angry, from what happened last night. All I can do is whisper that I love her and when I capture her lips with my own, the last of the reluctance seems to melt away beneath our kiss. I wish I could tell her everything, about Greyback, my infertility...the potion that I would be receiving soon enough to give us a baby. But I knew Fleur, and I knew that she would be appalled at my decisions, but I was willing to go to any length to make her, us happy. She was my world, and I wanted to give her everything and anything.

"You look tired," she states when I pull away and I roll my sore shoulders.

"A bit."

"Come." She takes my hand and picks up her wand from the table to extinguish the candlelight in the cottage. She leads me to the bedroom where she shuts the door and turns to strip my shirt off. I eye her warily when she unbuckles my trousers but she smirks and shakes her head. "Not tonight, ma bete. You need to sleep and I 'ave an early day tomorrow. Lay down."

Slightly disappointed, I will away my hard on and crawl onto my stomach, moaning as the soft mattress cradles my weary body. My eyes snap open when I feel Fleur straddle my back, her soft, silken thighs pressing against my waist. My hard on returns with a vengance. And then she begins to massage my shoulders, her delicate hands kneading the muscles. I moan loudly and bury my face in the pillow as she soothes away my aches and pains. Fleur brushes my hair away from my shoulders and when her fingers press into my flesh there, I feel I've died and gone to heaven. It feels like ages before she stops and when she slips into bed next to me, I can barely find the strength to turn over and pull her against me. She nestles against my chest and I kiss the top of her head before sleep overcomes both of us.

Release - NC17 [July 17, 2006 @ 10:42pm]
[ mood | sated ]

Fleur was asleep by the time I got home from work, which wasn't surprising, given lately the hours I've been putting in. I watched her sleeping silhoutte as I undressed in the dark room, exhausted and aching from another twelve hour shift. But Merlin help me, the money was good. More than good. Reluctantly, I've spoken to Greyback a few times but the urge to tear his throat out has since dulled. He was a cunning bastard and I hated to admit to myself that he knew what buttons to push. He deserved to be in Azkaban, but I couldn't leave. I had invested too much to walk away now.

I was almost horrified to realize the feelings of self loathing and guilt I felt weeks before had dulled as well. I was making my own destiny, and I would make this right in the end, once my future was secure, and I knew Fleur would be taken care of properly, the way she should be. I would deal with my conscience later.

Crawling into bed, I touched Fleur's shoulder, my fingers sliding over the soft pink silk of her nightdress. She shifts slightly, a small sigh escaping her lips, which, even in the dark, I can see are full and rosy. Begging to be kissed.

I know it's late and I know she has work in the morning, but I can't resist pulling her onto her back. My hand cups her breast and I fan my thumb over her nipple until it's taut and poking through the material. Her tongue sneaks out to lick her bottom lip and she trembles in her sleep, a flush overcoming her pale skin. Smirking, I move myself on top of her, lifting her nightdress until it's bunched up around her waist. My hand sneaks between us until I am stroking her, hearing her breath hitch as she grows moist around my fingers.

After a few moments, I'm hard as iron and I hold my breath as her legs part wider and she arches, a loud gasp escaping her lips before her eyes shoot open and snap to my face.

"Bill! Ce qui sont vous faisant?"

Her eyes seem to shimmer in the dark, and I gaze upon her, noting how her pale hair is spread so perfectly against the pillow. She looks so innocent below me, nealy virginal and I try to suppress a chuckle in my throat. My soon to be wife was anything but virginal. The photos she's been taking for my wanker brothers proved that well enough.

Humor fades and feeling slightly grim now, I look down at the pink nightdress modestly covering her body. She could wear next to nothing for my brothers...for the whole damn Wizarding world, but she covers herself in my bed. My jaw clenching with irritation, I lift off of her and grip the middle of her gown before ripping it down the middle. Fleur gasps again, her hands weakly lifting against mine.

"Zat was expensive."

I cock my eyebrow at her response before I do chuckle deep in my throat. "No worries love, I can buy you another. Fifty if you want. I'm not a pauper, remember?"

Her eyes flash angrily but her retort is interrupted when I crush my lips to hers. I feel her stubborn resistance before my tongue demands entrance. Fleur lifts her arms around my neck, her nails digging into my skin before her lips part and I possess her mouth hungrily. My body feels as if it is burning, melting with arousal and I tear my lips from hers, her breath unsteady on my face as I run my hand up her body where I tug the torn material from her breast before pinching the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

"Mon beau Fleur. Vous me montrerez vos mésanges au monde, mais pas dans notre lit la nuit?"

I hear her hiss as she slaps my hand away, her glower causing me to grin. "If you are going to be an abruti, zen va te faire foutre."

"No, love, I'm going to fuck you instead," I tell her before I capture her lips again. She's trembling again, but this time with anger as I push her thighs apart. She doesn't try to push me off of her, but when I release her mouth, she calls me a few interesting names that has my cocking my eyebrows once more in amusement. I push a finger deep into her and watch her eyelids flutter as she fights against what her body desires. She's soaking wet and I can practically smell how badly she wants me. But Fleur is stubborn and she would rather shop at a secondhand robe shop than beg me right now. She curses me loudly as her hips buck under my strokes and I laugh. "You're no lady, Fleur."

"And you are a beast," she snaps, her hands clutching the sheets around us as she quivers. I pause, my smile dropping from my face. If she only knew half of it...I should find it amusing, but I don't...instead I stare at her blankly, my inner beast wanting to rage. I was an animal, yes and would be for the rest of my life. Perhaps, very soon, I would be more than just a half breed.

"Yes, I am a beast," I respond, my voice full of indifference as I rake my gaze over her body. "Et vous appartenez à moi and I'll take you as I please."

I pull her to me and push her onto her stomach, hearing her huff at my lack of finesse. She doesn't protest and it's because I know she wants this. She could scratch at me, bite me and call me all the names she wanted, but she desires me and I knew if I reached between her legs again, I would find all the proof I needed.

With my fingers digging into her hips, I pull her back onto her knees until I kneel behind her. I push into her with one fluid stroke and see her back arch beautifully before she moans. When she begins to push back against me, rocking back and forth, I smile, watching her beautiful arse. I squeeze the cheeks with my hands, running them up her back and back down again before I begin to thrust. Pumping my cock into her, I bend over her body and grab a fistful of hair. Tugging her head back, she grits her teeth in slight pain and glares at me over her shoulder.

"Zat 'urts."

I say nothing but lower my lips to her ear. "Tell me to stop."


I growl and nip at her earlobe, releasing her hair as I bury my face in the crook of her neck. My hips piston against her and I breathe in the scent of arousal and sweat mingling between our bodies. I hear her panting and I wrap my arm underneath her, holding her against my chest as I fuck her.

"J'aime vous baiser," I groan, flicking my tongue out against her pulse point. I thrust harder, jarring her forward on the bed and I hear her cry out as her hand lifts against the headboard to keep her from hitting it. "Never going to stop..."

Fleur's head lulls forward and she begins to moan loudly with each plunge of my cock. I shift my hand beneath her until I find her swollen clit and begin to massage it. It's slick and I roll it between my fingers, tugging until I hear the deep hum of ecstasy in her throat. When she nearly screams my name, I clench my eyes shut and pull out of her while she is still pulsing with climax. Her hand slams against the headboard as she shrieks and I grab my cock and push into her arse without warning.


"Relax," I hiss, grabbing her before she can crawl away as her hips jerk against the invasion. "Effing relax."

She gasps and reaches up to grasp my hand around her stomach. "You didn't use ze--"

"I have plenty of lube from you, love," I point out hoarsely as I begin to thrust into her. "No resistance at all."

Her fingers curl around the headboard as I close my eyes and eff her. She's beautiful, an Ice Goddess who only melts for me. Forget the fact that every man who looks at her pictures wishes the same thing.

"They won't see you like this in your pictures, will they?" I ask between my soft grunts as I pull her more tightly against me. "You can be wearing a scrap of lace but they'll never see you naked, being fucked in the arse by your beast, will they? They probably fantasize about it, but you're untouchable to them, unttainable...you belong to me..."

Even in her state of arousal, I can sense her temper. "Abruti."

"Bitch," I reply as I surge forward and feel her muscles contract around me. "Bloody hell." I lean back and grip her hips, pounding into her until I feel my orgasm spark deep within me. I hiss, clenching my eyes shut as she shrieks again and finally, I explode, sucking in a deep breath as I spill into her, my body tingling almost painfully under the weight of my climax. I move more slowly then, until I've finished and pull out of her. Rolling off of her onto my side of the bed, I feel Fleur's weight move the mattress as she lays next to me, her breathing harsh and uneven. I force my eyes open and look at her, my hand lifting to brush a strand of blonde hair from her shimmering eyes.

"Ma belle. I love you," I tell her, drawing her to me as I close my eyes, inhale the scent of her hair, and sleep.

Choices Made [July 10, 2006 @ 10:53pm]
[ mood | moody ]

"Mr. Weasley?"

Looking up from the box on my work table, I see Rhianne, the company's receptionist, smiling warily at me from the doorway. I stare for a moment before she continues.

"It's past seven so I'm leaving. Can you set the wards before you go home?"

I grunt my response and watch her twirl on her heel and quickly leave my office, the door shutting with a sharp click behind her. I return to glowering at the small wooden crate and I tap my wand against the edge of my desk, not caring that I'm not even half finished with my daily quota of shipments. The tiny black box inside of the crate has an eerie reddish glow to it which I immediately recognized as a poisonus hex designed to eat the flesh away from my hands if I were to touch it. I have made no attempts to break the curse yet as my mind has been too jumbled today. Hell, my mind had been jumbled for over a week, since Paddy informed me I couldn't have children in my so called "condition". It had been eating away at me, making me more sloppy in my work, making me distant and short tempered with Fleur and my family. I hated feeling this way, as if I had sunk into a black pit of failure and despair and there was absolutely no way to claw my way out of it.

I had destroyed my future before, when I mistakenly let Babette push me into leaving Fleur. I spent years alone and hollow, pointlessly shagging nameless women and curse breaking half heartedly across the globe. I ruined everything. I had been the f*cking golden boy of Hogwarts, the popular Prefect and then Head Boy. Twelve bleeding NEWTS and a talent the curse breaking profession hadn't seen in two thousand years. I had Fleur...a flawless, beautiful eighteen year old who kept me on my toes every second we were together. My parents were proud of me.

And then Greyback happened...and then Babette...and then everything shattered.

But I was given another chance. Patricia had helped me come to terms with who and what I was...Fleur had come back to me. I was home again, I was finally making something of myself. My brothers were all moving on without me, accomplishing everything in their personal lives that I wanted for years. A woman who loved them and children and it seemed for awhile I was headed down the same path.

Until now. Now I was a useless hybrid of some sort, unable to have children, unable to get past my animalistic tendancies and possessive nature. I couldn't stand watching Fleur model in next to nothing, signing her name on the chests of moronic blokes. She received fanmail, romantic inquiries, perverted offers...she brushed them all off with a snort or roll of her eyes but I couldn't. Before Greyback's attack, I would have been proud of her, smug and triumphant that this gorgeous, sexy woman belonged to me. Gods, now I wanted to literally lock her away so the world couldn't take her from me again. It was impossible and chauvanistic of me, but bloody hell, what else could I do? I had to do something to fix this. I wasn't going to fail again.

I close my eyes and drop my wand to my desk before standing. I pace my office for a moment, trying to clear my mind. I hear a knock at the door and I pause, wondering who would still be here as Rhianne left moments before.

"Yes?" I call out and I'm surprised when Rhianne pokes her head in once more, her dark hair fanning around her face. She appears a bit anxious, pale, but she smiles.

"Bill, Mr. Blackfoot is here to see you."

"Blackfoot?" I ask, unable to diguise the surprise in my voice. I remember Daphne telling me Blackfoot usually never stopped by unless it was to sack someone. Bloody hell, being sacked from my dream job would be the perfect ending to the sorid tale that was quickly becoming my life. "Fine, then."

She disappears and the door shuts. I hear soft voices before silence falls upon the office again. I wait anxiously, curious as to what was taking so long. The candle light in my office seems to flicker and dim but I don't have time to dwell before the door opens once more. He's shadowed, his silouhette tall and towering. I squint and suddenly feel as though I would be safer with my wand in my hands but I have no time before he steps forward into the light, his lips ferally pulled over yellowing teeth.

"Mr. Weasley," he hisses.

My heart seems to tumble into my stomach and I hear a threatening snarl follow the greeting. It only takes a moment before I realize the sound came from me.

"Mr. Blackfoot," Fenrir Greyback continues, bowing dramatically before he straightens and continues to grin at me. "You've been quite an asset to my company, Weasley. Your talents are immeasurable."

"It's you," I reply darkly, my body quivering with the desire to attack and maul the man who put me here.

"Indeed. Are you enjoying your employment?" he asks. His tone is mockingly pleasant, his eyes black and beedy and infuriating me with every second he looks at me. "You're certainly enjoying the wages."

My fists clenching at my side, I watch the man who tried to kill me years ago. I can practically feel the ripped flesh on my face, the blood pooling in my mouth...flashes of that night overwhelm and I find my throat seems to be closing up from the rage and slight fear. "You planned this."

"Nonsense." Greyback waves his hands in dismissal as he walks about my office, casually observing. "I needed a curse breaker for my imports. You're the best, Weasley. I offered you a change from your mundane job at that goblin bank, a chance to challenge you, and compensate you adequately. I daresay you have done both."

"If I had known you were behind all of this I would have spit on the offer. I'm finished."

"Are you?" Greyback asks, drawing my gaze to his before I can turn to grab my things. "Where are you going to find employment that pays you what I pay you? How are you going to explain to your fiancee that you can no longer buy her extravagant things, that the lifestyle you promised her fell through? No, I'm sorry, I forgot who Fleur Delacour was." That feral grin is back and he picks up the framed photo of Fleur from my desk, his eyes raking over her image. "Wicked witch indeed. Soon enough she'll be selling her body to the highest bidder to keep a roof over your heads."

I lunge without thought, stumbling against him and shoving him hard against the wall. The paintings rattle next to his head and he laughs as I grip his robes and slam back him again and again.

"Don't you ever talk about her, don't even think about her," I spit, crazed with fury. Fenrir pushes me back, his long fingers gripping the base of my throat, his equally long fingernails digging into my flesh, into the scars he placed there years before.

"You want to keep her," he hisses, all pretense of pleasantries gone now as he shoves me back until the desk digs into my hips. "You want to be the man of the house, Weasley? Do you think you can do that anywhere else? Sure, leave the country like you did before...she won't stick around and wait for you. Not with handsome, wealthy wizards knocking on her door. You'll be a distant memory."

My fingers wrap around his wrist but he's too strong and I wheeze for breath as he tightens his hold on my throat. "What do you I want?" I manage through my clenched teeth.

"Nothing but your continued employment in my company," Greyback states, more calmly now than before. "You break the spells and curses on my artifacts and you continue to get paid."

My fingers dig into his flesh, drawing blood as my vision begins to blur from the lack of oxygen. "I'm...not... a criminal."

"You've never once asked where these artifacts are going...what they're for." Greyback chuckles, a hoarse, horrid sound that grates along my skin. "I can think of at least five shipments you worked on that would warrant at least five years in Azkaban."

Panic seizes me, but the mere thought that I was manipulated and duped into possibly commiting crimes that could put me away away completely enrages me and I knock Greyback's hand from my throat, ignoring the stinging of the scratches left behind. I wrestle him to the ground, my fist pummeling into his abdomen. He rakes his nails into my flesh as we struggle for dominance and I taste the pool spilling into my mouth from my nose where his fist slams into me.

Greyback flings me off of him and I fly back until I hit the front of my desk. I can feel my ribs crack and I fall forward, panting as I snap my head up and glare at my nemesis while pain wracks through my body. I scramble to my feet as best I can, but he is on me again, choking me until he bends me back, my body slamming against my desk top. Parchment and quills go flying and I grip his wrists again to keep him from tightening his hold. He leans over me, his eyes seemingly blacker now, his sharp teeth bared in a repulsive sneer.

"Now listen to me, Weasley. You don't have many options here. You can continue to help me and become my go to man. You will be compensated beyond your wildest dreams, beyond any paycheck your pathetic brothers could give Ms. Delacour."

I struggle to tell him to kiss my arse, but I can barely breathe, let alone push a word past my lips. I can feel my eye swelling and once more my vision is compromised as his face becomes a watered blur.

"Are you listening?" he yells, choking me violently for a moment until I grimace and jerk beneath his hand. "You'll have everything you ever wanted. Everything. I ask nothing in return but your skills, understand?" He pants, his fingers finally loosening, though he remains strong enough to keep me still. "I also understand your plight in regards to conceiving an heir. A pity, isn't it, that a man your age is unable to spread his seed the way the Gods intended him too? The Weasley family is bound to grow and none of the grandchildren that will fill your dear mum's house will come from your loins."

I stop struggling, my chest heaving as my lungs burn for oxygen. I don't know how Greyback knew, or perhaps being a full werewolf, the knowledge was already instilled in him about his race. But my stomach clenches, more painfully due to the fact that I was sure more than one of my ribs was broken and I wince at the pain.

"I can help you," he whispers, finally capturing my attention as my gaze snaps to his. "I know a Healer who can make you more fertile than any of your pasty red-headed brothers. Your Fleur will be carrying your heir within weeks if you only do as I say. If you don't, well...how long before she meets a respectable wizard, one whose body is not marred with hideous scars...one who can provide her with the baby she so desperately desires."

He slices right into my fears, thrusting them to the surface of my mind until I want to scream. I move my lips but cannot speak. Greyback blinks, as if contemplating, before he releases me.

"How?" I croak, water filling my eyes against the sting.

"You'll find that out soon enough, if you shake my hand and agree to my terms," Greyback explains, straightening and reaching up to wipe the blood from the deep scratch on his cheek. He licks the crimson stain from his fingers and grins at me. "I can offer you much more than Galleons, Weasley. I can offer you everything. Fame, wealth...respect."

I struggle to sit up, my hand reaching for my throat. I rub it deeply, coughing as spitting my own blood onto the carpet.

"How...do I know you're not...lying?" I question, repulsed with myself for even considering his offer.

"I suppose I could give you my word." Greyback chuckles. He lifts out his hand to me. "I would like to think I have already proven to you that I am willing to do what it takes. I have paid you generously, haven't I? You have not been harmed, more or less," he continues, his eyes flickering over my now bloodied state. "I ask nothing more from you than the excellent work you have been doing these last few weeks. If I renege on my promises, well, feel free to leave and never look back. All the money you have made since then will stay yours. And your lovely, soon to be wife, will never know the difference."

I stare at his hand, dark and hairy, his nails yellowed and spotted with blood. A part of me screams as I reach out to take his hand. I should snap his neck and leave him here to rot but I find my palm pressed against his as we shake hands. My teeth clench together, hatred pouring into my body for this man who nearly took my life...and who was now offering me all of the riches I always dreamed of having for practically nothing.

It's too good to be true...you're a daft pr*ck for even thinking he might be trustworthy. Gods, but what else can I do? I have nothing else if I don't have Fleur...I could lose her...lose everything all over again.

"This Healer," I say finally, my throat bruising and sore. "My loyalty is not yours until I know you're not lying about him."

Greyback grins and reaches into his robes before pulling out a small piece of parchment and hands it to me. "You can find him at this address. He's waiting for you." When I look up from the hastily scrawled name and address, Greyback cocks a hairy eyebrow. "Don't get any smart ideas, boy. You help me, I help you. If you take his help and run, well...there will be extremely dire consequences. Not only for you, but for your precious flower as well."

"I wouldn't do anything...to put Fleur in danger," I reply darkly.

Greyback tilts his head thoughtfully at me before he sneers. "No, I don't think you would." He turns and stalks to the door, his long nails tapping against the wood when he pulls it open. "It's a pleasure to have you aboard, Mr. Weasley."

He disappears from the room and leaves me. I crouch over, hissing at the pain in my sides and I crumple the parchment inadvertantly before gingerly placing it in my pocket. I can't move too quickly, but I manage to pull on my cloak and I walk slowly to the Apparition point at the edge of Knockturn Alley. I inhale sharply, struggling to stay calm against the pain. It takes me nearly an hour to get home and when I do, I am grateful that Fleur is in the kitchen, her lovely voice singing a French tune as the scent of beef wafts out into the sitting room. I know I can't let her see me this way so I quietly move into the bathroom and place a strong locking charm on the door. I pull off my shirt and gingerly touch the purpling bruises on my ribs. I take my wand and begin to heal what I can, including the blackening eye and swollen lip.


Fleur's voice jarrs me and I jump, hissing through my teeth before I curse. "I'll be out in a minute," I call.

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, I'll be out in a minute."

There is a moment of silence before I hear her soft footsteps fade away on the carpet. I return to trying to repair my ribs but my exhaustion overwhelms and I place my palms on the basin and close my eyes. I know I just made a deal with the devil. Opening my eyes, I stare bleary eyed at myself in the mirror. I didn't know if things were going to get better, or worse for me...all I knew was looking at myself now, I've never felt more ashamed or repulsed in my life.

Appointment with Meagher [July 05, 2006 @ 11:37am]
My lunch hour is nearly over by the time Paddy arrives in my room, his clipboard in his hands and his expression one of slight apprehension. I've been pacing since the moment the mediwitch showed me into the room and my patience was more than wearing thin. I had a lot on my mind, and more than twenty artifacts waiting to be looked at back in Blackfoot's office and I didn't want to be kept waiting by a Healer.

But Paddy was the only person I believed could possibly help me with my problem other than Healer Pennington and from what Fleur has told me in the past, Paddy was the one working the most extensively on discovering more about lycan blood. I could tell by Paddy's face now that he was curious as to why I had chosen to see him, of all people and I waited until he shut the door before I was able to relax.

"I need your help with something."

Paddy cocks an eyebrow and looks down at the file in his hands. "It says here you saw Healer Pennington a few weeks ago for your monthly check up."

"That's right."

He flips through the parchment, his brows drawn in concentration before he finishes, shuts the file and looks at me expectantly. "I'm not sure what else to cover with you that Pepper already hasn't."

"I..ah..." Scratching the nape of my neck, I place my hand on my hip and try to find the best words to explain what my problem was. Paddy had been with Fleur in the past, they had been intimate, so that was making this much more awkward than it should be.

"Bill, I've known you since Hogwarts. We played chess together in the Gryffindor common room before, and you caught me and Charlie smoking our first, and last I might add, f*g during fourth year, remember?"

"I remember. You also slept with my wife," I point out calmly.

Paddy winces and it's his turn to shuffle from foot to foot. "You weren't married."

"Not the point," I exclaim, waving my hand in dismissal of the conversation. "I need your help with something."

"What's that?"

"Fleur and I are getting married again soon," I begin, but Paddy's chuckle cuts me off.

"You want me to be your best man?"

I raise both my eyebrows and shoot him a pointed look, but I can't help but smirk. At least he wasn't afraid of me anymore like he had been at Hogwarts. Of course, if he was still intimidated by me now, he would have never dreamed of touching my wife. Paddy holds up his hand in mock surrender. "Sorry, bad joke. Go on."

"We've been more or less trying to have a baby for awhile now. And nothing is happening."

Paddy stares at me for a moment before he looks away and glances down at the file in his hand. "Well, there could be a multitude of things. Most of the time it's just the couple's poor timing, sexually."

"Believe me," I tell him firmly. "It's not the timing."

"Perhaps Healer Pennington would be able to answer your questions. I don't know if I'm the right person to be asking."

"Did you read my file?"

"Most of it."

I nod to the folder in his hand, my patience wearing. "She did a few tests on me during my last appointment. Everything came back normal, so to speak. She saw no reason why I shouldn't be able to get Fleur pregnant."

"Perhaps Fleur should have her Healer do some blood work," Paddy suggests and I notice he looks fairly uncomfortable in this conversation, which I reckon was to be expected. I could have kept on going with idle chit chat regarding a normal couple's infertility, but I wasn't like the normal wizard and I didn't have as much time or patience when I was beginning to already suspect what was going on.

"I want you to do some blood work on me," I explain, continuing when Paddy falls silent. "I know you've looked at my case with Pepper before. I know you've been working with lycan blood to try and find a cure, or perhaps something to help everyone affilicted with it lead an easier life."

"You think the attack by Greyback did something to your fertility?" Paddy asks and I shrug, turning away to stare out the window overlooking the hospital's expansive gardens. The sky was gray and I could see the rain starting to drizzle down the glass pane.

"Honestly? I don't know. But something inside of me tells me I should at least check before we do anything else. I don't want to worry Fleur and I don't want her thinking something could be wrong with her if we continue to try and nothing happens."

Paddy hesitates a moment before he nods and asks me to sit down. It takes about fifteen minutes before he's finished taking the blood samples.

"Come back after work. I have a light patient load this afternoon so I should be able to sneak away to my office for awhile." He turns to leave and I clamp my hand on his shoulder, turning him back toward me.

"Thanks, Paddy."

"Anything for a Weasley," he states with a small grin, and disappears out the door.

I roll my shirt sleeve down my arm, covering up the small bandage he placed on the skin after he drew the blood. I return to Knockturn Alley, in the new spacious office I had been promoted too. Daphne is inside, waiting for me when I enter. I shoot her a look and she smiles, handing me a small pile of parchment and a quill.

"Those all need signed off that you received them."

"You know, when you told me about this job, you failed to mention you worked here too. And that you would constantly be around to annoy me."

"Consider it a bonus," she replies, twirling a lock of dark hair around her finger as I lean over the desk and scribble my signature on the pieces of parchment. As I'm signing, Daphne inches her way around to me and leans over next to me.

"Have you met Blackfoot, yet?" she asks and I hear her bubble gum pop in her mouth.

"No, not yet. I was told he lives out of the country."

"Me too. Apparently it's a good thing if you haven't met him face to face. I heard he only comes by to sack someone."

"I kind of like not knowing who he is," I admit, turning the parchment and dipping the quill into the inkwell before I continue. "I feel a bit more free in what I do when I don't have someone standing over my shoulder." I shoot her a look. "Watching every little thing I do."

Daphne smiles and straightens as I finish and gather the parchment to hand back to her. "Tell Dirk that this shipment is the last I'm taking for the day. I have things to do tonight."

"Your girlfriend, you mean?"

I take her by the arm and lead her out as she laughs. "G'night, Daphne," I tell her before I shut the door. Turning back to the crates lined up against the wall, I use my wand to light the candles on my work table and grab the first small box to be checked.

It's well past six by the time I finish and am able to leave. I deposit my pay with the goblin Lucrece, as usual, and Apparate back to St. Mungo's. When I ask for Paddy, I'm led to his office near the children's wing and I sit down as the mediwitch runs off to fetch him. My knee bounces up and down nervously and when the anxiety becomes too much, I start to stand as to pace his office, but he enters at that moment and I flop back into the chair as he rounds his desk and settles into his own chair.

"I ran several tests, Bill." Paddy shoves a hand through his dark hair and leans back in his chair as he sighs. "And I had begun to suspect something after reading your file."

"Which was?"

"When Greyback attacked you, he tainted your blood, for lack of a better term at the moment. It affected not only your personality, your appearance, but your fertility too."

I curse softly under my breath as I rub my fingers over my forehead to fight away the impending headache. "So..."

"So," he continues slowly, "while you have a high sperm count, your condition has more or less rendered them ineffective."

"Ineffective," I repeat dumbly. "I don't understand."

"You're...caught...in between two worlds." Paddy winces as he leans forward. "You're not a full werewolf, but you're not--"

"A man."

"Your body is confused," he continues. "Your reproductive organs, your blood...you have to be one or the other, Bill."

"So unless I get rid of this disease I have, I can't have children."

Paddy's eyes lower from mine and I struggle to keep from throwing his desk over in a rage. I stand quickly, my chair tumbling and falling back against the carpet. "There's no f*cking cure, Paddy!"

"I know that. That's something Healers have been working on for centuries."

"I don't have centuries," I remind him bitterly. "I have now. And now you're telling me that I'll never have kids."

Paddy stands cautiously, his eyes locked with mine. "Until there is a cure, Bill, but you're case is different. Something that may not cure a full werewolf may cure you."

"But there is no guarantee."

"No," he says. "There isn't."

"And if I were a full werewolf, like Lupin?"

Something flickers in Paddy's eyes and he stiffens slightly behind his desk. "That's not something you want to do, Bill. That would be making your situation that much worse."

"But I could have children," I press.

"Technically, yes, but there's no guarantee that your children wouldn't inherit lyacnthropy from you."

I inhale deeply to try and control my nerves. Everything seemed so unreal now. I have everything I've ever wanted in my grasp. A good job doing what I love, my family, and Fleur. And that dream of having a family of my own was disappearing so quickly when I never even had a chance to make it a reality. Swallowing hard I reach down and pick up the chair I knocked over.

"I appreciate your help, Paddy."

"Bill, I want you to come by again. Like I said, maybe there's something that could help you."

"I just need time to digest this and think," I tell him. "When I know what I want to do, I'll come by."

"All right." Paddy nods and I pause before turning and walking out of his office. I take my time returning home and I'm relieved to find Fleur's note on the table stating she went shopping with Gabrielle. I peel off my clothes and step into a steaming shower. Placing my palms against the chilled tile, I lower my head, allowing the water to run over my hair and body. I don't know how long I stand there, but it seems like only mere seconds before I hear the door open. Moments later, Fleur steps into the shower and wraps her arms around my waist, her lips pressing against my shoulder blade. Despite the heat flaring inside of my belly, I wince and straighten, turning around to look down at her. She smiles demurely as her hands run up my chest.

"I 'ad 'oped you would be 'ome." She leans forward and kisses my throat, her bre*sts crushed against me. "I missed you today."

"I missed you too," I manage, turning my head to breathe in the scent of her quickly dampening hair. When she kisses me, passion quickly erupts and I very nearly turn and press her against the tiles to take her, but something stops me and I pull away, pressing a chaste kiss against her forehead.

"Finish your shower, I'll get dinner on the table."

Fleur blinks in surprise and I want to kick myself for the disappointment I see in them. Disappointment I put there. I smile to assure her and bend down to kiss her lips once more.

"I'll get dinner going," I say again. My lips brush her cheek and I turn to step out of the shower. I grab a towel and wrap it around my waist before I leave the bathroom, shutting the door with a soft click behind me. In our bedroom, I rummage for clean clothes and put them on quickly. I walk to Fleur's vanity and find one of my hair ties as I struggle to forget my discussion with Paddy. It wasn't something that I couldn't take care of, that I couldn't fix. I would find a way and Fleur would never have to know any of this. She had enough going on in her life right now as it was, she didn't need my problems mucking up the rest.

My problems were my problems. And I would fix them myself. I would do whatever it took.

Uneasy Conclusions [June 22, 2006 @ 6:35am]
[ mood | okay ]

Fleur stands then, her eyes flashing with temper. I hold my ground, unwilling to bend in my own view of this whole ridiculous matter. She places her hands on her lean hips and takes a step toward me. “Zis is about much more zan your irrational jealousies.”

“Irrational…” I sputter. “Bloody hell, Fleur, we’ve been over this before haven’t we?”

“Oui!” Her arms shoot up in the air. “Oui, we ‘ave been over zis many times. I know you are not comfortable with what I do for your brozzers—“

“And yet you continue to do it.”

“Because zis ees my life,” she states firmly. “Mine. You knew from ze moment we met zat I would be a woman who did what made ‘er ‘appy. But I turned my back on my mozzer to marry you, I gave so much to stand by your side and exchange vows. Zis, zis silly modeling, eet makes me ‘appy, Bill. Do you not see? I was ze darling of ze French Wizarding world. I ‘ad ze world at my fingertips. I was adored, fawned over and desired. I left zat to be with you.”

My jaw clenches angrily. “Well I guess I’m a complete arsehole then, not to see what a sacrifice that must have been for you.”

I turn to walk out of the kitchen, but Fleur follows and grabs my arm, forcing me around to look at her. Her lovely features are intense, and I see heated determination in the depths of her eyes.

“I wanted you above all else then, and I still do. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy ze attention and ze fame zat your brozzers ‘ave ‘elped me achieve. I feel as though I am seventeen all over again with ze world at my fingertips. Zere is no reason why I cannot ‘ave zat and still make a family with you.”

“You don’t get it,” I counter, my hands lifting in exasperation as I turn and move into the sitting room. “Would you be okay if our situations were reversed? If I had hordes of women following me around, wanking off to photos of me? Desiring me?”

“Zat’s all zey are! Zey are photos. Fantasies. I ‘ave already told you I want no other man. I still come home to you. I still wear your ring.” She lifts her hand as the diamonds sparkle on her ring. “Zis is my independence, something I never ‘ad before. I was so lost when you left me.” Her voice drops to a whisper. “I did not know how to survive, how to live without you zere to take care of me. I ‘ated zat feeling, I loathed it. I swore I would never feel so ‘elpless again.”

“I’m not leaving you this time,” I choke out. “I’m not walking out.”

“No, you are ‘ere now, but I worry, every day I worry.” She crosses to me and takes my arm, pushing my shirt up to my elbow. I try to pull away but she holds me still and turns over my arm where white bandage sticks to my skin. She peels it off, causing me to hiss and her eyes brim with unshed tears as the healing gash comes into view. “What will ‘appen to me, to our children, when you go on ze wrong mission? When you are given ze wrong curse to break and eet kills you?”

My temper softens immediately and I pull my hand from hers to grasp her fingers. “Fleur—“

“I would not ask you to stop what makes you ‘appy. I live with my worries, with my displeasure over parts of your employment.” A soft sigh escapes her lips and she looks down at our joined hands. “All I can ask of you is to accept zis part of my life until I am ready to be done with eet. I am celebrating my sexuality, my ‘eritage. I am proud of what I do. Ze pictures, zey ‘elp your brozzers with profit, zey make women want to be like me.”

“And they make men want you,” I reply. “I don’t know how many more times I can watch a man come up to you with that look in his eyes, Fleur. What if the next one is someone who can give you everything you’ve ever desired? Gods knows I am trying, but I can’t stand the thought of losing you to someone else.”

“Non, mon amour, zere is only you.” Her hand reaches up to touch my cheek. “You are ze only man I will ever be with again. No man can take me from you. Please, let me ‘ave zis one zing in my life. Be my ‘usband and support me. Eet is all I ‘ave ever done for you.”

I study her face, soft and angelic in the candlelight and I feel the battle waging inside of me. Merlin knows I wanted her to quit the modeling, to be happy and satisfied with the attention I give her, but it was obviously a part of her life she was refusing to give up. I felt that if I pushed it any further, I could lose her. All I wanted was to make her happy, and if I couldn’t fulfill that completely…if this modeling for my wanker brothers gave her that added spark in her life…I couldn’t deny her.

“I’m sorry,” I finally say. “I shouldn’t have told Fred and George you were quitting. I was wrong to make those kind of decisions without talking to you first. If you want to continue to be with Wonder Witch, I’m not going to stop you.”

A soft breath escapes her lips and she slips her arms around me quickly, nuzzling her face into my chest. “I want you to be proud of me, Bill, to be proud zat you are by my side.”

“You want me to be smug,” I correct with a small smile as I slip my hands around her and kiss the side of her head. “You want me to brag and be cocky that I’m shagging the Wonder Witch every night.”

“Perhaps.” She laughs against my chest and lifts her head, her eyes imploring me. “I promise to try and wear more clothing at ze shoots. But only if you promise to be ‘onest with me from now on, Bill. We ‘ave some zings in our lives zat are separate, but we are still connected. I do not want to ‘ave to worry about you.”

“I promise to never make you worry.” Kissing her on her lips, I hold her tightly against me. “I can’t promise I won’t beat any man who touches you, or that I won’t beat my brothers for being complete arseholes—“

“Tsk.” She slips her finger over my lips to silence me. “Enough about your brozzers.” She takes my hand and begins to lead me to our bedroom. “Zey sent me very beautiful maternity pajamas. I cannot wear ze now, but I zink ze time is nearly right to remedy zat.” She glances over her shoulder at me and I can’t help but grin. I reach down and lift her up quickly, flinging her over my shoulder as I stride toward the bedroom. She squeals with delight when I kick open the door with my boot and drop her on the mattress. I cover her body with my own and kiss her deeply as she slips her legs around my waist and arches into me.

I loved her more than life and as I felt her sink into my kiss, I knew I would put up with a thousand more racy photoshoots if I had too, as long as I kept her in my bed, and wearing my ring.

A Formal Engagement [June 21, 2006 @ 6:29pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

"Bugger," I mutter, watching the fire dance beneath the skillet currently settled on the stove. I was cooking Veal Provencal and I knew from the beginning I should have asked mum over to help, but being that it was Fleur's birthday, I wanted to do something special for her on my own. I just didn't know why I chose cooking when there were dozens of extravagant restaurants I could have whisked her away too.

But, she cooked for me nearly every day and I wanted to show her my appreciation. I got the French recipe from Gabrielle, as I knew it was one of Fleur's favorites. The veal was already seared and on a platter to the side. I was attempting to sauté the bell pepper and garlic with the tomatoes, oregano and wine ready to be tossed in as well. The table was set for two with the fine china we had received from Fleur's father for our wedding years ago. Wine was chilled, candles were lit and I had a dress already picked out for Fleur to slip on when she got home.

Which, by glancing at the clock that now read On her way home, meant any moment. I cursed under my breath again and decided to take my chances and leave the skillet alone for a moment as I rushed back into our bedroom to change. My dark blue dress robes were new, my shirt and trousers pressed and wrinkle free. I tied my hair back in my usual leather string and itched at my earlobe before I finally took the fang earring out. Patting my pocket, I felt the tiny box that held the engagement ring I picked out a few days back and already my heart was thumping wildly at the image of it being slid on her elegant finger.

When I return to the kitchen, I'm relieved to find Fleur hasn't made it home yet, and I throw the rest of the ingredients into the skillet while flicking my wand for the bread to cut itself and pile into the wicker basket. Another flick of my wrist and I watch the basket make it to the middle of the table, along with the salad bowl and small bottles of dressing. Just as I place the chives into the veal and set the plates down in the proper spots with a warming charm, I hear the front door open.

I pause and wait, hearing her tentative steps before the door shuts. The lights are dim in the house, candles lit on the hearth and mantle of the fireplace, as well as the small tables. I hear a soft rustling and I enter the sitting room, watching her peel her robes from her body, her eyes darting about the room. When she spots me, she smiles, stealing my breath.

"What ees eet you are up to now, chere?"

I walk over to her and take her robes from her hand before tilting her chin up with my fingers. I kiss her lightly on her full, pink lips and grin. "Go to the bedroom and change. I picked out a dress for you."

"Are we eating out?" she asks, her nose moving subtly. "Or--"

"Go change," I tell her, hanging up her robes. "That's all you need to do tonight."

Her brow quirks but her smile remains. "Very well." She disappears down the hall and I return to the kitchen quickly, my hand instinctively reaching for my pocket. I know the ring is still there, but my anxiousness is getting the better of me and I keep picturing the moment where I want to get on my knee and give it to her and the ring is gone. "Bloody hell." Paranoia overwhelms and I pull out the box and open it, sighing in relief when I see the diamonds glittering back at me.


Her voice causes me to snap the box closed and I shove it in my pocket as she enters the kitchen, her eyes immediately drawn to the table. She relaxes and her hand reaches up to settle over her heart. "Mon amour."

"Happy birthday, love." I cross over to her and smooth my hands down the sides of the silver silk she's now wearing. I rest my fingers on her hips and lean down to kiss her again, savoring her taste as she melts into me. Her hands run up my arms and she pulls back slightly.

"Ze robes, zey are new?"

"Do you like them?"

"Oui, zey bring out ze color in your eyes." Her smile sparkles and I want to kiss her again and again, but I know that would lead to something other than eating, and damned if I didn't spend the last forty five minutes cooking for nothing. I lead her to the table where I pull out the chair for her. She slips into it gracefully, her smile wide as I walk around and sit across from her. She glances down at her plate and laughs. "You made ze veal."

"I know how much you enjoyed it at our wedding," I reply quietly and I pull out the bottle of wine. I pull the cork out easily and lean over to pour the red liquid into her glass. She thanks me and when I finish with my own, I lift my glass, causing her to follow suit. "A toast to one of the most beautiful, most talented and most charismatic woman I know."

"Ah, you said eet wrong," Fleur says with a mischievous grin. I cock my eyebrow at her.


Her giggle intoxicates and she tilts her head at me. "You said one of ze most..."

Realization dawns on me and my confusion fades as my smile grows more broad. "You're right, love, my mistake. To the most beautiful, most talented, and most charismatic woman I know."

Fleur releases a laugh and raises her glass. "I will drink to zat, chere." Our glasses clink and I watch her as I take a slow drink myself. She's absolutely gorgeous, especially in candlelight, and I remember our wedding night, when she was naked and bathed in it. She's grown since that summer, became more of a woman, more voluptuous, more mature. She was still stubborn, hot headed and defiant, but that made her all the more sexy to me. I had always desired a woman to match me, physically and mentally and Fleur was the only woman who ever had. She was intelligent and had a dry, biting humour. She knew when to let me hold her, and she knew when to put me in my place.

"Gods," I whisper, "you're absolutely perfect, Fleur."

She swallows her wine and looks at me, her eyes softening. "I theenk ze same of you...so you see, we are perfect for each ozzer, oui?"

I nod and agree. "Oui."

As we eat, I watch her closely and am relieved when she makes no grimaces as each bite touches her tongue. She catches me looking at her a few times, and smiles. "'ave you poisoned me?"

Dumbfounded, I nearly drop my fork as my eyes widen. "What?"

"You are watching me as if you expect me to keel over at any moment!" Amusement laces her voice and I feel my cheeks burning as I shift in my chair.

"Well, I don't cook much, you know. Toast and tea...I mean, I'm brilliant at toast and tea. But this," I use my fork to point around at the food on my plate, "this takes some kind of culinary talent."

"Ze veal is delicious, Bill." She lifts another piece on her fork. "Eet's actually quite good. I was beginning to theenk you 'ad it catered in."

I feign mock offense. "I would never sink so low."

"No?" Her blonde eyebrow lifts as she picks up her wine class. "My birthday a few years back, remember zat? Zat beautiful white cake with ze icing and cherries zat you supposedly baked?"

"Okay, okay!" I lift both hands up in surrender. "You win. But I didn't cater this, I wanted to show you how much I love you. You do so much for me, I feel as if sometimes I don't tell you how much I appreciate it."

"You show me just fine," Fleur says with a sly glint in her eye before she takes another bite.

"I want to show you every day, love, every minute of every day, of every year, for the rest of our lives." I release a slow breath and stand up quickly, nearly knocking over my glass of wine. Fleur reaches out to steady the table and watches me in confusion. I round the table until I'm at her side. "I know we talked about this in Dublin, but I haven't felt it's been official, considering the circumstances under which it happened."

"Oh." Fleur murmurs, her bottom lip pulled between her teeth as I drop to my knee in front of her. "Oh!"

I pull the box out of my pocket and she quickly sets her silverware down as she angles toward me, looking every bit as anxious as I feel.

"I love you, Fleur," I begin with a deep breath. "Merlin, I've loved you from the moment I set eyes on you all those years ago. I blew it once, but you've given me another chance and I have no intention of letting you go this time. Will you be my wife?" I open the box and she gasps, her hand clutching her chest.


I pull the ring out, pleased by her stunned reaction. It was ten times the size of her last engagement ring, the tiny piddle of a diamond I had barely been able to afford back then. She deserves so much more, and the moment I saw the ring in the jewelers, I knew it was meant specifically for her finger. She stares at the ring still and I grin, trying to get her attention.


"Hmm?" she manages.

"Marry me, love."

Gorillas and Ale [May 29, 2006 @ 7:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

It's easy to spot Charlie's mop of red hair in the corner when I step into the Leaky Cauldron after finishing up my work for Blackfoot. He's hunched over a glass, his fingers tapping patiently against it and I wield my way through the crowded room before I drape my robes over the chair across from him and scoot in. I lift my hand, waving to the bar maid. She nods and hurries off, leaving me to grin across the table at my gorilla of a brother. He's sipping slowly and I notice the glass is still nearly full. I slap my hand down happily.

"Drink up, mate. The next one is on me."

He waves his hand and swallows, setting the glass down. "It's okay. One is enough. Besides, this is water."

Snorting, I shake my head and lean back as the bar maid sets a pint in front of me. I hand her a Galleon and watch her smile broadly before she pockets it and wanders off. Charlie watches her leave, his ginger brow cocked in curiosity before he returns his attention to me. "So, what's this amazing news you just had to share with me?"

I decide to take a swig before replying. "Fleur's days of selling herself for money are nearly over."

"Selling herself? Sh*te, Bill, you make her sound like some kind of scarlet woman."

My hand waves dismissively as my eyes wander the tavern. There's a witch sitting with a group of friends who is wearing a set of pink robes that Fleur would look amazing in. "Modeling, Chuckles. Fred and George using her body to sell their damned potions and all that. She's going to be able to do whatever she wants, shopping, traveling, whatever she desires."

"All right, I give," Charlie replies with a smirk. "How do you plan on supporting the both of you while Fleur is out shopping for french lace knickers?"

Immensely pleased with myself, I stretch my arms up over my head, working out the kinks from sitting at the narrow desk at Blackfoot's building earlier.

"Come on, Bill, spill it. I know you're dying to tell me."

"I've come across better employment," I finally say, relaxing and picking up my ale. "Better pay, better hours...it's almost too good to be true."

"Which means it usually is."

"Not this time, baby brother. I've been working part time for a big time benefactor, curse breaking antiques and valuables for his company. That pay alone was amazing. I was able to take Fleur to Dublin for the weekend, buy her anything she wanted. I made more in those few hours a day than I probably made at Gringott's all bleeding year."

"Wait," Charlie interrupts, holding up his palm as he leans forward. "You quit Gringott's?"

"Not yet. But I'm going to be."

"For part time work?"

"Full time," I reply with a wide grin. "They offered me a full time position today, Charlie, with a bloody pay raise! I didn't think a salary could get any higher. And the new office is ten times bigger than the tiny hole they stuck me in before."

"Who is this guy?" Charlie asks, brows furrowed in curiosity. "This benefactor."

"His name is Blackfoot. He runs a shipping company through the Wizarding world." I explain to him Blackfoot's operations, as well as my duties as a Curse Breaker. Charlie listens quietly and when I finish, I place my ale on the table and cock an eyebrow. "You don't look too happy for me."

"I'm happy for you, Bill. I've just never heard of this Blackfoot fellow. Are you sure you're not getting caught up in something illegal?"

"Shite, Charlie."

He lifts both hands in mock surrender before leaning back in his chair. "I'm not accusing, I'm just asking."

I scowl, remembering Fleur's own concerns. Was it so difficult to believe I may have found my dream job without it being shady? "I wouldn't get caught up in anything illegal, all right? I've been hoping for a break, and I finally got it. I'm going to get Fleur the most amazing ring, make her my wife again, and start a family. She's never going to be without anything she needs ever again."

A smile finally breaks out across Charlie's face. "You're getting married again, William?"

"We've...discussed it," I respond, grinning at the memory of the moment I asked Fleur to be my wife again. "I just have to make it official with a romantic drop to my knee and an obscenely large diamond."

"So what do you think, is my kid going to have a cousin to play with?"

"I'm working on it," I reply, laughing a bit. "I'm actually surprised with as much shagging as we do, she's not pregnant yet."

Charlie winces. "A bit too much information."


His eyes widen and he releases a barking laugh before tapping his fingers next to his glass. "If I remember correctly, you used to change the subject whenever I brought up the subject of sex, Billy boy."

"We were in school," I remind him. "And I wasn't at the point where I wanted to hear about Tonks's tits." I inwardly wince after I mention her name, but Charlie is clever enough to hide any reaction he may have at my thrusting the past into his face. We fall silent and I see his eyes drop to the ice cubes melting in his glass. "Sorry, mate..."

"Nothing to be sorry about," Charlie says, a small smile on his face. "You're right. The older we got though, you had no trouble boasting about your conquests."

"All five of them before Fleur?" I ask with a chuckle. "Maybe it was four."

Charlie buries his face in his hands and laughs and I finish off my ale. "How is Aveline, by the way? I haven't seen in her in awhile. Fleur says her waistband has expanded quite a bit."

"She hates it. She keeps calling it a pooch, but it's actually gone beyond that." His grin now is sincere and it looks as though his face may split under the wideness of it. "She looks amazing."

"Do you know the sex yet?"

"We're going to find out at the next appointment with Paddy."

"Are you hoping for a Charlie Jr.?"

He shrugs, his smile now whimsical. "I'll be happy with either, Bill, but to be honest, I'm sort of hoping for a girl, with Aveline's eyes and hair."

"And your gorilla build?"


Laughing, I reach into my pocket and toss another Galleon down. Charlie nudges the coin. "A few Sickles will take care of it, Bill."

"Tip," I remind him.

"That much for a glass of ale?"

"Why not? I can afford it." Smiling, I push away from the table. "I have to get home to Fleur. I think she's ovulating."

Charlie nearly chokes on the drink of water he's taken and he sputters before setting his glass down and wiping his mouth. "Are you insane? You know when she ovulates?"

"Just a guess." I shrug and stand, reaching over to ruffle Charlie's hair. "When you are with a woman long enough, you start to figure out all their tiny secrets. You'll get to that point eventually."

He wrinkles his nose at the thought and I punch him lightly in the shoulder before dropping a Galleon in his lap. "I'll talk to you later, baby brother." Walking away, I slip my robes back on and leave the crowded tavern to get home to Fleur. Tomorrow I was going to finally pick out the ring that was going to make Fleur my wife again. And I would spare no expense to make sure it was perfect.

A New Proposition [May 10, 2006 @ 7:38pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I am bloody bored. The week is churning by, the work tedious and overwhelming. After my public argument with Fleur (that somehow ended up in the Daily Prophet), I have been doing my own fair share of thinking. She is right, of course, regarding my employment. I don't make enough to support a family. But she does, thanks to my brothers. She has no issues with showing off her body for some ridiculous products concocted by twins, and it doesn't bother her when strange men walk up to her and ask her to sign their bare chests.

That worries me. For all she can tell, the next man to approach her could be an overzealous fan...a stalker. She doesn't seem to realize that, but I do. I can't watch her every hour of every day, and she would kick my arse if she found out I had tried. And on top of her modeling, she has her job as Moody's assistant. She is supporting me and I don't like it a bit.

I turned down Nadler's request to head the team in Australia. Gods, that hurt. It has been the goal of my career, ever since I began Curse Breaking, to head my own team someday. But the choice was Curse Breaking, or Fleur...I couldn't have both.

Sighing, I press my thumbs against the bridge of my nose and lean forward on my desk, ignoring the parchment and work waiting to be done. I am going nowhere fast and it frustrates the hell out of me.


I open my eyes and look up enough to see Daphne in front of my desk, her arms crossed and her dark eyebrows lifted. "I heard you won't be going to Australia."

"I can't." I lean back in my chair and sigh again. "I think my days of Curse Breaking are over."

"You're thirty," she points out with a huff. "Did you know Lawrence Bard was one hundred and three before he retired from Curse Breaking?"

Snickering, I rub my hands over my face. "I know, Daphne." I know everything about Curse Breaking...absolutely everything. And I can't put any of it to use. "I'm not retiring, I just have...a different path right now."

She snorts. "A different path pushing parchment in a stinky old bank. Your ex-wife used to do this job, right?"

At the mention of Fleur, I finally fix my gaze on Daphne's face. "Yeah, so?"

"What is she doing now? I've seen her pictures everywhere. She's making probably a couple thousand Galleons a shoot, right? Especially if Randall Worthington is in charge of payroll."

Scowling, I stand and pretend to organize the parchment on my desk. "So?" I ask again.

Daphne is silent again before she sighs. "If you're not allowed to go out on active missions anymore--"

"It's not a matter of permission," I interrupt sharply. "I don't need Fleur's permission to do anything. This was my choice."

She shrugs. "Either way, Bill, you're talents are far too advanced to be wasted here."

"So what do you suggest I do?" Picking up a few vault account transfers, I snap my fingers and clip them onto the delivery owl that flies gracefully into my office. "Be a Curse Breaker for Hire? Go to the homes of old witches who can't remember the counter charm for the curse they placed on the box holding their pearls?"

"No..." Daphne begins slowly, ducking when the owl takes off. "I have something that might interest you." She pauses until I look at her expectantly...warily. Her smile is quick. "It's here, in England. I have a friend who has a friend--"

"This can't be legal," I tell her dryly and she laughs.

"Bill, please. There's a benefactor who imports and exports to all ends of the Earth. Invaluable artifacts, some, yes, containing dark magic, but all within the boundaries of Wizarding law. A lot of the items that arrive in England have curses on them, dangerous ones. He's looking for a Curse Breaker to spend a couple hours a week working through the complexity of them. I suggested you."

Surprised, I take in the information and shake my head. "Why?"

"Because you're Bill F*cking Weasley, that's why." Daphne throws up her hands in exasperation. "You're brilliant, you're practically famous in these circles." Her eyes flicker over me. "It's a bit sexy how oblivious you are to it."

"Daphne," I say warningly. "Stay on topic. Who is this benefactor?"

"I was told his name was Mr. Blackfoot."

"Blackfoot? I've never heard of him."

"A bit of a recluse I hear. But his records are legit. The job pays well, Bill. Much more than what you're making here. More than your girlfriend makes."

I pause, unsure of this offer...something in my gut tells me there's something dodgy about it, but my curiosity gets the better of me. "How much more?"

With a smile, Daphne turns and shuts the door to my office. "Why don't we sit down and I'll tell you."

Two hours later I'm walking down Diagon Alley, a piece of parchment in hand with the address Daphne gave me. It still seems too good to be a true...a large salary for a few hours of work a week, but everything she told me sounds too legitimate to ignore. As I read the directions, I come to a standstill and look up where I am suppose to turn right. The directions lead me into Knockturn Alley and while I should immediately assume that anything I do that takes place in Knockturn Alley would be illegal, I take those steps anyway, deciding to give this Blackfoot the benefit of the doubt. The sky seems to get darker as I wander deeper, the air grimier. A witch looking tired and beaten by life makes a rather shocking proposition toward me, but I ignore her and turn left again until I am standing in front of a worn-down wooden building. The sign is faded and I can't quite read the carved letters. The door is rotted and black, but the handle appears new, clean and shiny. I swallow hard, but knock twice, slipping the parchment into the pocket of my jeans. My wand is evident in the other pocket and my hand lifts slightly, prepared to grab it if needed.

The door opens before I can knock again and a dark, burly-looking wizard stares blankly at me. He waits, his large frame crowding the door. "Daphne Greengrass sent me," I tell him simply, my shoulders back. The wizard stares for only a moment more.


I nod and immediately; the man backs away and motions me inside. The door shuts loudly and my eyes adjust to the candlelit room. The inside of the building isn't much nicer than the outside, but there is a desk, a couple of chairs and a witch filing her nails as a quill scribbles over several pieces of parchment. She is chewing on something loudly, and her eyes snap up to mine where she shoots me a wide smile. The wizard nudges me along down a narrow hall before he opens up an equally narrow door. I step inside the room, noting the crooked wooden desk, uncomfortable looking chair, and a stack of crates.

"Your office."

"My office?" I turn on my boot heel and find myself annoyed that I have to look at up to meet this guy's gaze. "I'm suppose to talk to Blackfoot--"

"He's indisposed," the wizard grunts. "Those crates have instructions attached. You know how to do your job, do it. You aren't to open any of the shipments once you've broken the curses. You'll be paid when you leave."


"Are you here to work or not?" the wizard huffs. "Greengrass was only suppose to send you if you agree to take the job."

I hesitate, glancing at the windowless room and the crates. "I get paid when I leave?"

"That's right."

I sigh inwardly, thinking about the salary Daphne told me would be involved. It is only a few crates and if it isn't worth my time, I don't have to come back. I nod at the wizard and watch as he abruptly steps back and shuts the door, closing me in the confined space. I approach the crates tentatively and pull out my wand. A few flicks has the wooden top pried off and I point my wand at the large black, velvet box sitting inside. "Wingardium Leviosa!" The box floats from the crate, emitting a few dangerous red sparks, and lands unceremoniously on the crooked desk. I wipe my palms on my jeans and sit in the chair, running a diagnostic on the box with a few charms I learned during my travels.

The Curse was a complex one...a dark one. Touching the box would mean paralysis in my arms. I stare at the box, weighing my options. Whatever is inside is either dark or intensely valuable...or both. I can find the proper counter curse, get paid and leave. Or I can leave now and leave this Blackfoot to his own devices. Nothing seems right about this "job"...except the Galleons promised.

"Bloody hell," I grumble before I roll up my sleeves and begin the tiring process of stripping the layers of the curse. The room is tight and hot, and I feel sweat dripping down my back by the time I've finished. A quick glance at the clock on the wall tells me I've been working an hour and fifty three minutes and with a sigh, I fall back against the chair and wipe my forehead. With a deep breath, I lean forward again and run another diagnostic on the box. I get white sparks and holding my breath, I reach out to place my palm on the top of the box.

The box is cool against my touch and with a quick sigh of relief, I stand and lift the box, replacing it in the crate.

Four hours later I've finished the last four crates, and feeling extremely satisfied, and rather smug, I open the door and step out into the office. Glancing down the hall, I see nothing but darkness. Turning to go find the witch I saw out front, I practically run into the burly wizard from earlier. He eyes me and then enters the room, examining every crate until he seems satisfied. "Follow me," he grunts. I do as he asks, preparing a drying spell on my sweaty shirt.

We enter another room I swear wasn't there earlier and the wizard sits, his hulking body squeezing into the tiny chair. He writes a few things down on parchment before opening a box. He tosses a pouch to me and inside I can hear the money clinking together. "You wanna count it?"

"No." It was best I didn't. "Thanks."

He grunts again and I find he's a man of little words. I find my way out of the building and when I reach Diagon Alley, I find my curiosity overwhelms. Opening the pouch, I peer inside and five Galleons. Scowling, I dump them out on my hand. Five lousy Galleons? I notice the parchment in the pouch and pull it out. My breath catches when I read it.

Payment: 5,000 Galleons. The Galleons shall multiply when deposited in Gringott's bank by Goblin Rachet Lucrece. Only Lucrece can make the proper deposit - Blackfoot.

Five thousand Galleons.

"Bloody...fucking....hell..." I release a slow breath, palm the Galleons, then turn to go back to Gringott's to do some banking.

Afterward, my disbelief and excitement grip me and I make a few trips before I arrive home at our cottage. Fleur is lounging on the couch, her bare ankles crossed on the table. She is reading through some parchment and I hang my robes and cross to her. I lean over the back of the couch and kiss her cheek.

"What are you reading?"

"Moody's itinerary for ze week. 'e will be gone for a few days and I must make sure zings run smoothly while 'e is gone." She is distracted and I grin, nuzzling her throat through her hair. She hums in acknowledgment and continues to read.

"Are you hungry?"

"A bit." Her blue eyes meet mine when she turns her head. "What do you want me to cook?"

"I was thinking I would take you out tonight."

A smile flits across her lovely features and she places the parchment in her lap. "Where will we go?"

I run my fingers over a strand of her silky hair and bite back a grin. "You know that blue dress you have? The one that shows off your cleavage?"

Fleur laughs. "Oui."

"Wear that."

She lifts her eyebrow, but doesn't question me as I straighten. "I'm going to take a shower and change. Wear those heels too, the ones that tie up around your ankle." Fleur watches me as I leave the room, stripping off my shirt. After I've combed my hair and changed into a decent pair of trousers and a button down shirt, I walk out to see Fleur pacing in the sitting room, the silk from her dress brushing against her knees. Desire floods me, but there will be time for that later and I take her hand.

"Where are we going?"

I don't answer her, instead I wrap my arms tightly around her and Apparate us both. Fleur gasps as we appear in front of Le Cuisine de Bonham and her eyes fill with worry. "Can we afford zis? I mean ze wine alone..." Taking her hand, I pull her inside, ignoring her soft protests. We're seated moments later and the wizard who waits on us pours white wine into our glasses and I am thankful when Fleur grows silent. She watches me from across the table and waits for the waiter to leave.

"Zis is unexpected..." Her tongue peeks out to lick her bottom lip quickly. "Eez everyzing okay?"

"Everything is perfect." I shrug and smile. "Can't I treat you to a nice dinner occasionally?"

"Oui, of course!" She falls silent again and I know she's wondering if I can afford such a place. The small box is heavy in my pocket and I reach into my robes and pull it out, sliding it across the table to her. Her eyes stare at the box before they snap to mine. Her lips part to question me and I sigh and nudge it again.

"Just open it, will you?"

She smiles and picks it up. Womanly pleasure crosses her features first, and then confusion as she pulls out the bracelet. "Oh, mon, Bill. Il est exquis."

"Oh, my, Bill. It's exquisite."

"I thought of you when I saw it," I admit with a pleased grin. "I'm glad you like it."

"I like eet very much." Her teeth worry her bottom lip and she places it back into the box. "How...I mean, eet ees so expensive."

"Don't worry about the cost."


"Fleur, I said not to worry," I interrupt. I reach over to take her hand where I brush my thumb over her knuckles. The ring I bought her for Valetine's Day is on her finger and I wince. I would have to buy her something better to replace the bauble. "No questions, all right? Just enjoy tonight for what it is."

"And what ees eet, exactly?" she asks, her pale eyes imploring me.

I think about my answer before I lift her knuckles to my lips. "It's about you. How much I love you...and how I plan on making you a very, very happy woman for the rest of your life."

Rooted [April 14, 2006 @ 4:10pm]
"My favorite Curse Breaker."

Whipping around from my filing cabinet, I stared into the face of Daphne Greengrass, watching as she sauntered into my office and pulled herself up onto the edge of my desk. I slowly shut the cabinet and carried my account files back to my desk. Her dark hair seemed longer now, falling over her shoulders in waves. Her skin was darker, thanks to the several months in the desert sun. Her smile was the same, full of mischievousness.

"I see you're back."

"The mission ended a few days ago. We missed you."

"Damn, it's been eight months already," I marveled. So much had happened since Nadler sent the team out, back to Egypt. I slumped into my chair and leaned back. A tiny trickle of regret flooded me, having missed it, but if I had gone with them, I wouldn't be with Fleur now. "How did you do?"

Daphne turned toward me, twisting her young body around to face me, her long lashes fluttering as she grinned. "Three chests of Warlock Freegill's gold, Bill, in Dahab."

My eyes widened and I pushed forward, my arms falling to my desk. "Freegill's gold was a myth."

"Not anymore. It took about two months to get through those curses. We could have used you." Her green eyes twinkled and she smoothed her hair back behind her ear. "Australia is our next stop next month. Has Nadler discussed it with you?"

I cursed softly, lifting my fist to my mouth before I sighed. "No, I've only seen him a few times. Australia, huh?"

"Grafton, Perth, Brisbane. I heard a few rumours that Nadler was going to ask you to head the team."

"No shite?"

"None," she giggled before slipping from the edge of my desk. "You better consider it. There's nothing here for you, is there? A boring desk job, checking vaults and answering to Goblins?" Her nose wrinkled in disgust. "And to be honest, I would much rather work under you. Edmonds is a wanker, everyone thinks so. They all keep asking when you're coming back."

I grinned, knowing perfectly well that Morris Edmonds was well beyond a wanker. He was a self -absorbed, pompous twat. I felt smug that I was missed, that the team would rather work for me than anyone else. But my life had changed since I returned last summer and being with Fleur had dulled the excitement of traveling with a team of Curse Breakers. "I don't know, Daphne. I've rooted my life here."

"So uproot." She shrugged and walked toward the door, swaying her hips before she waved. "I'll be around for awhile, on the seventh level. Come see me if you want to grab a smoke."

"I don't smoke," I called after her.

Daphne turned and lifted her eyebrow. "You smoked in Egypt."

"I didn't," I began to protest, then I realized she wasn't talking about cigarettes. "Oh. Well, I don't smoke anymore."

She hummed in her throat and disappeared from my office, leaving me with my thoughts. I folded my arms behind my head and leaned back in my chair again. Heading a team again, in Australia, was damned tempting. But I didn't want to leave Fleur for that long...I don't know if she would let me. But dammit, Warlock Freegill's gold. The chests had been speculated about for centuries, after the Goblin wars. We had always thought the gold was buried deep within the tombs in Egypt, but we had never found them, at least when I was part of Nadler's team.

My knee bounced anxiously until I became too restless to sit at my desk. I grabbed my robes and left the office. Fleur was at her desk when I arrived at the Ministry. She looked surprised to see me and I leaned over to kiss her hard on the lips. When I pulled away, she smiled. "What ees zis?"

"I can't come by and see you?"

"Of course." She looked behind her to see Moody's door was shut. "'e is in quite a mood today."

"Come have lunch with me," I told her before taking her hand and tugging her up from her chair. She hesitated for only a brief moment before grabbing her cardigan.

"I cannot be out long."

"Is fifteen minutes long enough?"

Her pale eyebrows furrow. "Long enough for what?"

I leaned into her, whispering against her ear as I led her out of the department. "Long enough to shag you behind the Ministry?"

Fleur released a quick, surprised laugh before covering her lips with her fingers. She melted against my body as we walked. "I theenk I may be able to push it to an 'our, and we can just go 'ome to our bed."

I reach down to take her hand in mine, loving how perfectly her fingers fit around my own before I lifted her knuckles to my lips. "Even better."

April's Full Moon NC 17 [April 14, 2006 @ 4:08am]
"Bloody hell," I rasp, pressing my clenched fist against my aching chest as I slump farther into the chair. The full was only mere hours away and the pain was acute this month, flowing through my blood, digging deep into my nerves, my organs...my soul. Fleur wipes a damp cloth over my head and when I open my eyes I see her worrying her lower lip between her teeth.

"You took ze potion?"

"Yes," I snap, repeating myself for the tenth time. "I took it."

Her fingers replace the cloth and she soothes me, if only temporarily. I don't know why it is so bad this month. I’m not stressed, I’m not angry...

"Perhaps you should go into ze bedroom and lay down," she suggests, moving the cloth over my neck and shoulders. "You look tired and worn out."

With a deep breath I am able to straighten myself in the chair. "Don't know why it hurts this much," I manage to mumble. Fleur kisses my forehead and helps me from the chair. I stumble my way to our bedroom, and Fleur nearly trips in her haste to help. When we make it to the bedroom, I pull away from her and wait until she pulls down the sheets. Slipping between them, I feel the bed dip under her weight as she lays next to me. I watch the moonlight play over her face, watch the concern fill her eyes when I inhale sharply and clench my eyes shut. I hate months like this, when my entire body feels as if it's on fire. It is excruciating.

"Sleep, mon amour," Fleur whispers, her fingers brushing through the strands of my hair. I can do nothing more now than watch her, comforted by her beauty. The pain won't allow me to lose myself in sleep, but I do feel my eyes close as my body deals with the incessant throbbing.

Time ticks by...minute by minute but it bleeds together until I am sure hours have passed. When I am able to finally breathe without groaning in pain, my fists unclench from the pillows and I reach for Fleur. She hasn't left my side through the night and her hand continues to run over my hair, my cheek, my shoulder...she knows her touch helps and finally the pain begins to ebb. I release a long, slow breath as my vision clears.

"What time is it?" I mumble.

"Three fifteen in ze morning..."

"Gods," I moan, stretching under the sheets.

"Are you still 'urting?"

"I'm fine," I tell her, relaxing against the cool sheets now damp with my sweat. "Thank you for staying here with me."

Her full lips curve slightly and she leans forward to place them against my own. "Zere is nowhere else I would be zen 'ere next to you."

I pull her next to me and nuzzle my nose against her neck, breathing in her scent. My hand glides down her back, over the cotton of her tank top until I can feel her bare flesh. She smells like vanilla, and her skin is like silk. I feel her tremble against me and despite the aching of my body, I smile against her neck. "You shiver."

"I like eet when you touch me," she whispers.

"I like touching you," I reply as my hand moves down to her cotton clad bottom. "Gods, I need you."

She lifts her head, her hand cupping my cheek. "I am here for you, Bill. I won't go anywhere."

"I know." I roll on top of her, groaning when she wraps her legs around my hips. I grind my erection against her, the cotton of her pajama shorts warm against my skin. Fleur moans softly, her teeth biting at my earlobe. I can already smell her arousal and I look down upon her, grinning.

"You're already wet for me, aren't you."

She lifts a beautiful eyebrow and rakes her nails down my bare chest slowly. "Your cock was poking out of your shorts an 'our ago."

"You should have taken advantage," I tell her, pushing her tank top up until her breasts spill free.

"I only like to fuck you when you are coherent," she retorts haughtily.

"Naughty wench," I growl before bending down to bite her nipple. She cries out softly and I look up quickly to make sure I haven't hurt her. Her eyes are glazed over with lust and her fingers dig deep into my shoulders. I flick my tongue out over her hardened nipple and watch her eyes close.

"Do it again," she pleads breathlessly and I take her nipple between my teeth to bite gently. She moans again, writhing beneath me. I can practically feel her knickers dampening her shorts and I rub against her, itching now, to take what's mine. "Goddess, Bill...oui...yes..." I suckle at her breast and her body starts to tremble violently. Pushing my hips against her harder, I watch her face as my cock presses between her legs more firmly. Suddenly she shrieks, her thighs tensing around my waist as she comes, soaking her knickers. I'm smug that I could make her come this way, but I regret that I couldn't be buried deep inside of her when she did.

I groan now, my cock as hard as iron, eager to fuck her brainless. Heat engulfs me and half mad with desire, I rear back and tear at her shorts. I lift her legs, pulling the shorts off and throwing them across the room. I tear her knickers, frantic to feel her, to smell her.

"Bill," Fleur groans weakly and I lift my hands up to tear her tank top down the middle.

"Naked," I mumble. "I need you naked."

My hands grip her hips and I lift her up roughly. I can't think anymore, can't speak as I plunge deep within her body. I hear her cry out through the throbbing in my ears and I begin to thrust violently, needing to reach my own release. The headboard bangs against the wall, Fleur's cries echo throughout the room. I yell, intoxicated with the feeling of her wet cunt wrapped tightly around me. My fingers dig into her hips, holding her firmly in place as I pound my cock harder.

"Fuck," I gasp, blinking sweat from my eyes. "Fuck..."

I release her hips and fall forward, braced above her. I open my eyes to see her face, flushed with sweat and sex, her lips parted in a silent moan. My gaze is drawn toward her breasts, swaying perfectly with every thrust into her body. I can't help it now...I snarl, my teeth bared as I bend down and bite one perfect, creamy globe. Her fingers rake through my hair, gripping the strands as she bucks against me. There is something warm, metallic tasting against my tongue and I close my eyes and lick her breasts.

"Love your tits," I growl. "I want to come all over them..."

"Bill," she cries, "Goddess, please..."

I feel her orgasm, can feel her cunt pulsing around me while she wails loudly. Satisfied now, I struggle to push off of her, to roll her over and fuck her into submission but my own climax rises unexpectedly and slams into me like a fist. I bellow, howl...scream as I spill into her body. Clenching my eyes shut through the pain, I hiss through my gritted teeth and then collapse on top of her.

Her heart is pounding against me, her breathing harsh, uneven...I hear her whimper but I can't find the strength to push myself off of her. I wrap my arms around her and roll to the side, bringing her with me. She says my name and I mumble a reply before I bury my face between her breasts and sleep.

Making Plans NC 17 [March 22, 2006 @ 10:07pm]
It had been a long time since I had been out with any of my brothers, let alone out drinking with any of my brothers. So naturally I jumped at the chance to grab a pint with Charlie when he Firecalled me from the Ministry close to the end of my day at Gringott's. We met at the Leaky Cauldron and sat at the bar, away from the incoming dinner crowd. Charlie nursed his whiskey and when I eyed it with concern, he grinned at me. "A whiskey once in a blue moon isn't going to knock me to my arse, big brother. You, on the other hand..."

I scowl into my ale. "I'm not about to go home pissed and pass out in front of the cottage. Fleur would castrate me."

Charlie winces but laughs. "Fair enough. Stick to your ale."

"Gladly." I take another drink, the thick liquid coating my throat before I set the glass on the counter top. "So what's going on? What are you doing out with the likes of me when you could be home warming up to Aveline Rousseau?"

He takes another drink and chuckles, his gaze avoiding mine purposely. "Just needed some fresh air, and I wanted to spend some time with my brother. Is that a problem?"

"Is she driving you mad? Could be the pregnancy hormones you know." My tone is calm, but Charlie whips around to stare at me, stunned. "Mum told me."

"Shite," Charlie grumbles. "I should have known she'd tell you."

"The first born, and favorite," I add with a wink, "are told everything."

Charlie runs a hand through his hair, sighs, then finally relaxes and looks at me, his voice lowered. "To say it was unexpected is an understatement."

"Are you sure it's yours?" The rage that clouds Charlie's eyes takes me by surprise and I lift a hand in peace when he snatches the lapels of my shirt. "Don't fucking tell me you didn't think that same thing, Charlie."

It only takes a moment before his hand relaxes and he releases me, taking another swig of his whiskey. I stare at him before my eyes widen. "Merlin, you really care about her, don't you?"

"Yeah. More than I thought I would. Or could for that matter."

"I thought you said she was a bitch."

"She is...was," he corrects himself quickly and then laughs and shakes his head. "She can be. But she's changed since then, Bill. She seems to be the woman I knew years ago. There are things I may never know about her, I'm not a fool, I know that. But she was there for me, more than once. I need to be there for her now."

"I thought she was just a warm body after what Tonks did to you," I confess, shaking my head at the thought of my former friend hurting my brother so cruelly.

"I don't know. Gods, I don't want to talk about Tonks," Charlie tells me, motioning to the wizard behind the bar for another drink. I think about interfering and ordering him a cup of hot tea instead, but I know better. I may be older, taller, but Charlie was stronger. I didn't feel like getting my arse kicked in public.

"Does she know?"

"No," he replies shortly.

"Do you still love her?"


"Tonks," I say.

"Shite, Bill--"

"Are you going to tell her about Aveline?"

"Fuck!" With a loud huff of exasperation, Charlie looks at me. "Is this not talking about Tonks?"

"All right, fair enough." We sit in brotherly silence for several moments until Charlie is handed another glass of whiskey and his empty glass is swept from the bar. "You got yourself into a fine mess, Charlie."

"Thanks," he says dryly, though I see the faintest hint of a smile. "It was suppose to be you first, giving mum grandchildren."

"Believe me, brother, I'm trying."

Charlie looks surprised. "You and Fleur are trying?"

"Well, no, not technically." I shrug and stare at the brown liquid now half gone from my glass. "I mean...we're not preventing. At least I don't think we are." I suppose it would have made sense to ask Fleur if she was on any kind of birth control potion...maybe she quit it after she and Paddy broke up...or maybe she didn't. My confusion seems to amuse Charlie and he laughs quietly, his shoulders trembling before he looks at me through weary eyes.

"That might be something you want to discuss with the missus."

"Bugger off," I grumble and take another drink. "Speaking of, Chucky, shouldn't you be getting home to your woman? It's almost seven."

He seems to sober up immediately. "Yeah, I reckon I should. Thanks for meeting me, Bill."

"Hey." I grip his shoulder before he can lumber off the stool and leave. "If you need to talk to me, you can. I know you're probably scared shitless. I would be. Don't let yourself fall into the same pattern you did in the past, all right?"

"No worries, big brother." His hand lifts to clasp mine in a brotherly sign of unity. "I'll be fine. And I promise if I fuck up, it'll be your couch I'll be drooling on."

"Fair enough." I grin and slap him on the back as he wanders out of the tavern, his hand raking through his hair again before the door shuts behind him. With my thoughts still on Charlie and his unexpected predicament, I go home to Fleur and find her in the kitchen, baking something with apples and shaking her supple arse as she sings in French to herself. I grin and walk up quietly behind her before I grab her bum. She shrieks and whirls in my arms, her beautiful eyes wide before they narrow.

"Imbecile! You scared ze..."

"Shite out of you?" I offer, laughing as I pull her close to me. "I couldn't resist it, love, I'm sorry."

I can feel her heart racing in her chest, can practically smell the blood pulsing through her veins and she exhales as she clutches at me. "Never do zat again."

"No promises." I kiss the top of her head before tilting her chin up. Her gaze is curious as she studies me and I see her lips twitch in suspicion.


"Did you know Aveline is pregnant?"

"What?" Her shock reverberates through the kitchen. "Zat's eempossible! She and Whizzy...zey--"

"Charlie," I interrupt. "It's Charlie's."

Another shriek of surprise slips past her lips and she struggles to get out of my grip. "Your bruzzers, all of zem, zey are just 'orny oafs!" She tries to twist out of my arms again and I tighten my grip on her, amused and oddly aroused at her strength and struggle.

"Where are you going, love?"

"I must go see Aveline. I cannot believe she 'as not told me!"

"I'm telling you now."

Not the point...Collapse )

"I theenk you are jealous zat Charlie is 'aving a baby before you."

"No," I assure her, grabbing her hands. "I've wanted a baby with you since we met."

She smiles and touches my cheek gently. "And I with you. But we cannot rush again. I am not ready for zat."

"Think about it," I whisper fervently. "Just think about it, all right?"

There is a moment's pause before she nods and pushes up on her toes to kiss me. "Yes, I will theenk about eet."

A little Tiff - Rated NC17 [March 19, 2006 @ 10:05pm]
"Shite," I grumble while attempting to untie the damned knot in my boots after I enter the cottage. I hate working Sundays at Gringotts, even more so when I could be at home relaxing before facing another forty plus hour week. I still hadn't received anymore information from the mysterious goblin that had helped me earlier regarding Fleur's termination at Gringott's, and I was beginning to suspect I was alone again in my investigation. Not only that, but an important Curse Breaking assignment in Italy still hadn't been appointed a Head Curse Breaker and I was still getting the run around from Nadler over whether or not I was still in the running.

I hear movement and perk up immediately when Fleur's scent floods my senses. She walks into the room with several pieces of parchment, her smile serene. "I was wondering when you would be 'ome."

"Nadler," I mumble, returning to the knot in my boot. It holds firm and gritting my teeth, I pull the laces apart violently until they snap and my boot loosens. I pull it off my foot and drop it to the ground. "The wanker still hasn't signed me to the Siciliy job and I know there's no one else who has my experience to take care of it." I tug apart my other boot laces and finally am able to hang up my cloak and enter the sitting room where Fleur is. She sits on the floor in front of the fire, spreading her parchment over the antique coffee table before placing her ink well next to her quills.

"I am positive 'e will offer you ze job," she replies absently, her brows furrowing in concentration as her blue eyes skim over the parchment. "But Moody, ze imbecile, 'as not proofread any of ze reports and now I am stuck 'aving to mark off all of 'is mistakes. And zere are a lot."

"It's Sunday," I point out, slumping down onto the couch and closing my eyes. "You shouldn't be doing his work anyway."

"I am 'is assistant, I am paid to do 'is work."

"You're also paid to take your clothes off for Fred and George, and I'm sure they're paying you a hell of a lot more than Moody."

There is silence and I open my eyes to see Fleur scowling at me. I immediately sense I've said the wrong thing and she proves me right when she places the quill on the table with a sharp snap. "I do not take of my clothes for your bruzzers. Zey are tasteful, sexy photographs. I am not zeir whore."

"I know you're not, I'm sorry. That was a poor choice of words," I concede as I stretch my legs out before standing. Still irritable, and not wanting to take it out on Fleur, I walk into the kitchen and start to fix myself a cup of tea. I pull out a tea cup and set it on the counter before I pull the tea leaves canister to me. I open it and find it empty, which makes me huff loudly and slam it back on the counter. I curse and begin to open the cupboards, searching for more tea leaves. The cupboards slam shut loudly as I move around and when I can't find a new canister my patience snaps and I sweep my hand over the counter, sending the tea cup to the ground where is lands with a loud shatter.

Fleur's gasp as me turning toward the door and I sigh when I see her in the doorway, her gaze on the ruined tea cup. "Sorry, I'll clean it up." I reach for the broom but she crosses to me and takes it from my hand.

"I will do it."

"I can clean up my own mess," I snap and snatch it back from her, causing her to jump slightly.

"Oh I am sure you can, but I do not want my new broom snapped in half eef eet does not work to your liking," Fleur responds icily. "Why don't you just go take a shower and I will fix you somezing to eat."

"I just wanted a damned cup of tea!"

"Zen make one!" She rolls her eyes in exasperation and I motion toward the empty canister. "Ma déesse! 'ave you no patience?" She turns away from me and reaches into a cabinet that I hadn't touched yet. She pulls out a new canister and sets it on the counter before she turns and takes the broom from me. "Make your tea. I will clean up."

I eye the canister, torn between wanting my damned cup of tea and my pride. The sound of the shattered tea cup being swept into a pile breaks me from my reverie and I storm from the room and head to our bedroom. I push open the door and begin to undress, balling up my t-shirt and throwing it into the corner. With my hands on the buttons of my jeans, I sense Fleur behind me.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I reply shortly, pulling the tie from my hair. In truth I didn't know what was wrong, other than just exhaustion. There was a heat inside of me, an impatience I was used to feeling every now and then, even though the full moon had since passed. Beneath the surface simmered violence that the wolf buried deep inside of me couldn't release and it made me restless. It was okay when I was alone the past three years. Or when I had my brothers to watch over me. But I hated feeling this way now, with Fleur near me...her concern was evident, but it wasn't her concern I was thinking about. It was her scent, rich and intoxicating. Her skin, smooth and creamy, begging to be bitten and licked.

She crosses to me and I hiss softly when she touches my bare shoulder. She pulls her hand away, but steps in front of me. "Tell me. We 'ave promised to be 'onest and open with each ozzer, remember?"

"What do you want me to tell you?" I ask her with a simple shrug of my shoulders. "It's been a shite day, and I'm in a shite mood. It's as simple as that."

She frowns and reaches up to touch my cheek. Her finger traces over the scar near my lip. "Do zey 'urt?"

"They don't hurt," I tell her, pushing her hand away as I stalk to the edge of the bed. I toss my pocket watch onto the night stand and breathe in deeply to calm my nerves, now practically sizzling under my skin as my body responds to Fleur being so near. I've never felt this kind of intensity or arousal when it was not the full moon and I bit down on the urge to ask her to leave the room, or better yet, the cottage.

"Very well. I need to finish my work. When you are 'ungry I will make you some dinner." She turns and leaves the bedroom without another word and I find myself following her.

"Don't be condescending," I growl and Fleur rounds on me, her blue eyes flashing. The fire seems to illuminate her and I can sense her temper is as heated as the flames.

"I am not being condescending! Vous venez à la maison scowling et frappez du pied environ et soufflez et soufflez et je ne vais pas l'accepter ce soir!"

(You come home scowling and stomp about and huff and puff and I am not going to put up with it tonight!)

"I just wanted a fucking cup of tea!" It's a poor argument, a weak one, and that annoys me further.

"And you can 'ave one! You are being a baboon," Fleur retorts. "And you are being childish. If you are in such a bad mood, zen be in a bad mood but do not take it out on me."

I stalk toward her, my own scathing reply on my tongue, but I catch a wiff of alcohol and my eyes narrow. "Were you drinking?"

She blinks in surprise before crossing her arms under her breasts. "I 'ad champagne today. Am I not allowed to indulge?"

"Who the fuck were you drinking champagne with?" I all but bellow.

"Gabrielle!" She yells back. "We 'ad brunch today and if you take your 'ead our of your âne you would remember zat I told you zis last night."

"Well, considering how many blokes are probably wanking over your photos, you can't blame me for wondering how many men are offering to buy you a drink when you're out."

"Do not be crude," she snaps, her arms falling to her side. "I 'ave not accepted anyzing from men, and even if I decide to, eet ees not your business."

"That's hippogriff shite!"

"I am allowed to do as I please and you are suppose to trust me," she points out, her finger poking into my bare chest, causing me to wince. "So stop zis caveman act before I kick your âne out onto ze street!"

My eyes narrow at her and I grab her wrist tightly, causing her to gasp before I jerk her to me. "Don't push, Fleur."

She hissesCollapse )

Valentine's Day [February 14, 2006 @ 10:04pm]
The day had been long, but well worthy it by the time I left Gringott's. I sent chocolates and flowers to Patricia and Todd in the village before finishing my shopping and heading home. Armed with a dozen white roses and Fleur's gift, I made my way into our cottage and immediately perked up as I listened for movement. I could hear her footsteps somewhere near our bedroom and I smiled as I shrugged off my cloak.

The past three Valentine's Days had been miserable. I either spent them alone, sleeping in a tent in the middle of the desert, getting pissed out of my head with my team, or sleeping next to a nameless body that did nothing to quench the thirst I continued to have for my wife. I feel blessed that the Gods have given me another chance with Fleur and I wasn't going to ruin it this time.


Her voice carries down the hall and when she enters the room, her face lights up immediately. A womanly sigh escapes her lips and she crosses to me, kissing me quickly before she takes the vase of flowers from my arms and buries her nose in them.

"Zey are perfect, mon amour."

"I wasn't sure if you would like them," I admit sheepishly and I grin when she lifts her eyebrows curiously. "I figured you probably had about five pounds of potpourri from the last time I sent you flowers."

"I adore zem," she replies simply and leans up to kiss my cheek. I watch her as she studies the room before walking to the window and opening the curtains. She places the roses on the table already filled with photos and knick-knacks and she arranges the flowers before turning back to me. She pauses when she sees the small velvet box in my hand and I smile as I approach her. "Oh...."

"I wanted to get you something else." The box lays in my hand and Fleur wrings her hands together, her gaze locked on it. "It's not much, but I knew the moment I saw it that it belonged on your finger." I cup her cheek and I hear her sharp intake of breath as she looks up at me, her blue eyes wide and misting. "Don't cry, love. You haven't even seen it yet. If it's ugly, we can take it back and get you something nicer."

"I do not know what to say...I don't theenk...I mean..." She trails off and I'm a bit flabbergasted by the fear in her eyes.

"Well, look at it first," I laugh. "And then say something."

Fleur gives me a confused look when I hand her the box but then she bites her lower lip gently and opens it. Her expression is blank for only a moment before a relieved smile crosses her face. "Eet is lovely." She pulls out the ring and holds it between her fingers as her other hand lifts to her lips. "Yes, eet is very lovely."

Concerned, I watch her stare at the flower shaped ring. "Do you not like it? I thought the flower was fitting..."

"No! I adore eet, I promise." She slips it on her finger and cups my face, kissing me firmly on the lips. "You are ze sweetest man." When she steps away and walks into the kitchen, admiring the ring on her hand, I follow, my brows furrowing together thoughtfully.

"Are you sure?"

Fleur smiles widely and sets the velvet box on the table and opens the icebox, pulling out two Butterbeers. "Do not be silly, Bill. Eet is a gorgeous reeng and I am 'appy to be wearing eet."

Her movements are brisk, her face somewhat pale. She focuses on pouring the Butterbeer into a glass for her before popping the lid off my bottle. I watch her silently before my heart drops into my stomach and I enter the kitchen. "Fleur, did you think--"

"Would you like pork for dinner?"

"I was going to take you out to dinner, actually." I take the bottle but set it aside absently as I step close to her and cup her face, forcing her gaze to mine. "You thought it was an engagement ring, didn't you?"

She laughs softly in her throat as she nuzzles my hand. "Eet had crossed my mind, but only for a fleeting moment. I..."

"You were relieved to see it wasn't a diamond."

"Oh, mon amour, zat is not true." She wraps her arms around me tightly, her eyes imploring me. "I love you with all of my 'eart and I would be proud to be your wife again someday...but..."

"It's too soon," I reply with a nod of agreement. She relaxes and I gather her into my arms and kiss the top of her head. "Fleur, you know I would marry you in a second and I do plan on building my future around you."

"Yes, I know." She nods against my chest before her hands rest on my chest and she pulls back to look up at me. "I just want to be with you."

"I'm glad." And relieved as that offered me the perfect opportunity to approach the next subject. "There is an important expedition this week to Egypt and Stephen Nadler wants me to head the team."

She pauses before smiling softly. "Eet must be important zen."

"It is."

"How long will you be gone?"

"At most a week, but I may be home around Sunday." She frowns and though inappropriate, I smile at her reaction. "I want you to come with me."

Her eyes widen in surprise and her lips part slightly. "Go with you? I...I do not theenk I can get ze time off from work."

"Talk to Moody tomorrow, I doubt he'll say no. Surely he can survive without you for a couple days. I, however, can't." Her protest fades and she sinks into my arms again, squeezing me tightly.

"Ah, je suis excité! I 'ave never been to Egypt before." Her eyes sparkle with excitement and she pulls away as she begins to pace thoughtfully. "I will 'ave to make sure Gabrielle is taken care of--"

"She's with Fred, she'll be fine," I remind her gently. "All you need to go is get time off from work and pack some clothes."

"Oh, we will be sleeping in tents, oui? Will zere be bugs and creatures?" She grimaces and I grin as I fold my arms over my chest.

"We'll be sleeping in a tent the first night, but then I made arrangements for some more comfortable accommodations for us, love. Leave the details to me, all right?"

She stares at me for a moment, a happy sigh passing her lips before she launches herself into my arms. "Oui, merci je t'aime, vous m'ont rendu si heureux."

"I'm glad," I murmur, nuzzling her hair. I run my hands down over her bottom and squeeze. "Now go change so we can get to dinner. I want to come home with enough time to do all the wicked things I have planned for you."

Her eyes and smile are mischievous and promising as she pulls away and heads for the bedroom. When she is gone I pick up the velvet ring box and study it in my palm. With a small sigh, I set it back on the table and head for the bedroom where Fleur is changing. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem if we're a few minutes late for dinner...

Lingering Doubts (Rated Hard R) [January 25, 2006 @ 10:03pm]
It had been a long Wednesday, both professionally and personally, so the mouth watering scents drifting out from Fleur's kitchen into the sitting room were more than welcome and caused me to groan happily as I kicked off my boots by the door and hung up my cloak.

I found her bent over, checking whatever it is she was cooking in the oven. She glanced over her shoulder at me when I entered and she shut the oven, turning to greet me with a kiss. "You are early, ze roast is not yet done."

"Roast?" I ask, pleasantly surprised. She nods and kisses me again, her taste drugging my senses. Fleur pulls away again and smiles.

"Come," she states, taking my hand and pulling me into the sitting room. "Tell me about your day."

"There's not much to tell," I admit sheepishly, but sit next to her when she tugs at my hand. Her scent distracts me and I resist the urge to push her back on the couch and ravish her. I didn't want to seem like an animal, despite what others may think. "The same repetitive, boring shite at Gringott's. Vaults, goblins and smarmy wizards." The truth was I was growing frustrated at the lack of information leading me to the reasons behind Fleur's termination. I waited every day for something new to come up and all I was finding were dead ends.

Fleur slides her hand into my hair, her fingers brushing lovingly through the strands. "Ze Ministry was boring as well, but eet always is zat way on Wednesday."

I look toward her and smile, slipping my hand around her waist and pulling her easily onto my lap. "Moody probably loves Wednesdays."

"Why is zat?" Fleur asks, her lips pursed curiously. I shift her so that she is straddling me and I slip my hands underneath the hem of her black skirt before running my fingers up her thighs to her arse.

"Because you wear lace on Wednesdays," I remind her, gripping her bum and causing her to gasp. "Usually a thong."

She grips my shoulders and giggles before leaning down to kiss me. "Moody knows better zan to discuss my, 'ow do you say, knickers."

"It doesn't mean he doesn't look," I point out. I continue to smooth my palms over her silky flesh and my body responds accordingly. My jeans grow a bit too tight but I ignore my needs as I focus on Fleur's lips brushing over mine. When we part again, I gather her to me. "I went to see Todd and Patricia today."

"And 'ow are zey?"

"They're doing well. Todd is looking much healthier. Patricia's really done a brilliant job on the house too." I decline to tell her about Paddy, who has been there the last three times I've visited. "I'm going to take Todd to a Cannons match in March."

Fleur kisses my jaw and then my neck, causing the blood to flow directly to my groin. "I theenk zat is a lovely idea."

Before dinner...Collapse )

"Merlin's beard," I gasp as I feel her body tremble. "You're brilliant."

She chuckles softly and carefully slips up off me before grabbing her wand to clean up the mess. We kiss and after a few moments she takes my hand and attempts to pull me up. "Come eat."

I'm completely sated but I gather my strength to follow her into the kitchen where I slip into one of the chairs as she places a plate in front of me and proceeds to pull the roast from the oven. I can tell that it's not burnt and my stomach growls in appreciation. As she sets the table, I remember my discussion with Fred.

"Fred told me that Gabrielle fell sick after she and Fred separated for a time after they met."

Fleur glances over her shoulder before pouring me a glass of water. "Yes, she did. She was very upset."

"Was she dying?"

The question seems to throw Fleur off and she is silent as she places the water in front of me and takes her seat next to mine. I dig my fork into the roast, but watch her as she contemplates her answer.

"I theenk she would 'ave become extremely ill, beyond our control, if we 'ad not found Fred when we did."

"So it was the Sickness that plagues Veelas when they have a broken heart? I thought that was a myth."

"Some believe eet is a myth." She takes a bit of her salad and finally looks at me. "I do believe eet exists."

I nod and try to focus on my food. We're silent for a few moments before I feel her hand on my own and I look up to see her studying me curiously. I didn't want to ask if she had become sick when I left her, or if she had almost died. I remember her telling me once that she nearly died from the pain but had it been her Veela blood that caused it? Still, she seemed to understand my silence and I watched her set her fork down before she reached over to stroke my loose hair behind my ear.

"I was 'eartbroken when you left me, chere. I felt lost, weary...I knew if I let myself think of you, I would surely die from ze pain. But..." she pauses and sighs softly, her pale eyes finding mine again. "I was so angry with you, do you see? We parted horribly and I wanted to 'ate you so badly. I theenk zat my anger kept me alive when you left. I did not allow myself to give into my hurt emotions."

It still pained me to hear that she went through so much turmoil when I left. I wish I could tell her how miserable I had been as well but I never felt ill or sickly the way Fred described it. I wondered if perhaps Fleur was with the wrong man...

"I love you," Fleur says then, pulling me from my uneasy thoughts and I look at her and smile softly, reaching over to touch her cheek. "Only you, Bill."

"I love you too, Fleur, ma belle." I take her hand from my hair and kiss her knuckles. "Let's eat so I can take you to the bedroom and worship your body for the rest of the night." She giggles and stands to grab a bottle of wine and I watch her move gracefully across the kitchen. I was stupid to think that there was someone more perfect out there for her. She was my other half, my best match...and I wasn't going to let her go this time.

Morning (Rated Hard R) [January 10, 2006 @ 10:02pm]
It was time to get up and start the day. To to shower, dress and go to work to deal with vault accounts and goblins. And hopefully learn more about the true reason why Fleur was sacked from the position I now held.

But it was just too damn hard to get out of bed. Especially with Fleur's warm, soft body wrapped around me. Her hair, now hanging beautifully to her shoulders, was spread over my shoulders, her arm sprawled over my chest, holding me to her. She slept peacefully, her pink lips parted slightly. I watch her for a moment, still in awe that I was here. I haven't slept at home in quite awhile, not that I'm complaining of course, but being with her every night was going to make that first night alone unbearable.

Fleur stretches slightly, her body pressing against mine before she relaxes again. I grin and shift onto my side, my lips finding her throat and suckling softly. She arches her neck back before I feel her hand lift and dive into my hair. She murmurs in French, a quiet, lazy morning greeting and I push my body forward, rolling Fleur onto her back. She opens her eyes and I look down into the clouded blue pupils down focusing on me. Her hands still in my hair, she pulls me down to her and I capture her lips eagerly, my body set afire when she slips her legs around my waist. I push into her with one smooth stroke and we both sigh in contentment before I begin to move.

"Mon loup," she breathes quietly, her eyes falling shut. "Mon amoureux."

"Ma déesse," I reply, my breath hitching as I thrust into her again. "Mon compagnon."

We move together, our moans breaking the soft silence of the room. I touch her with my hands and lips, worshiping her body as I move deeper. When she climaxes, she grips my hips with her legs and my cock with her silken walls, crying out her pleasure below me. I rest on my elbows and watch her as I move harder, feeling my own release building and threatening to erupt. She holds me close when I come and I bury my face in her hair, breathing in her scent until the tremors have left my body.

I kiss her cheek before I press my lips on hers and then pull out of her body. She stretches again, a satisfied, tired smile on her face. I move down her body and grip her waist before kissing her stomach. Grinning, I look up at her. "What do you think?"

"About what?" she asks, running her fingers through my touseled hair. "Ze love making?"

I laugh and shake my head before nuzzling her stomach again. "No, though it was spectacular." I feel her body quiver with her laugh.

"Oui, eet always is."

"Do you think we made a baby?" I ask and see her eyebrows lift in surprise.

"Are we trying to make a baby?"

I shrug and move back up her body before kissing her again. "Are we trying not to have a baby?"

Fleur cups my face, her fingers trailing over my scars. I do not flinch this time, and instead feel comforted by the gesture. "I theenk zat if eet 'appens, it 'appens. Zere is nothing we can do to stop it."

I smile softly and kiss her again, relaxing against her warm body. Work, and the world, beckoned but as long as I was in Fleur's arms, I was not inclined to answer.

Shave and a Haircut [December 29, 2005 @ 10:01pm]
"Your 'air needs trimming," Fleur tells me matter of factly, nudging me onto the stool set up in the kitchen after she cleverly bribed me into the room with oatmeal biscuits. I groan loudly and sit, my shoulders slumped as she sweeps a white towel over my shoulders and pulls the tie from my hair.

"You're a wench, Fleur."

"Oui, I am." She chuckles and then begins to slide a brush through my hair, now falling well past my shoulders. Fleur was the only woman I'd ever cut my hair for. My mum had tried for years to get me in this very same position and I refused so vehemently that she eventually gave up. But not Fleur. She was persistent when she wanted to be, and she was clever enough to know she had to bribe me to get me anywhere near a stool and a cutting charm.

Fleur sets the brush down on the table and I cringe as she picks up a pair of Muggle scissors. "Can't you just use your wand?"

"Your 'air is too wild for my wand now," she replies simply and I wince as the snipping begins. "You let it get too long, Bill and ze split ends...!"

Grumbling, I shake my head, and then sigh when she stops the movement with her hands and continues to cut. Nearly fifteen minutes later she is finished and when I look down, I see a mountain of red hair surrounding the stool.

"Merlin's wand, Fleur."

"Tsk, shush. You look very 'andsome!" She takes the towel off of my shoulders and wipes my shirt before rounding the stool to smile down on me. "Come see."

I stand and reluctantly follow her to the loo where she places me in front of the mirror. My hair, thankfully, still falls to my shoulders, but is neatly trimmed and looks less ragged than before. I slip my arm around her and kiss her firmly on the mouth.

"Merci, ma belle. Mum will be grateful."

Fleur giggles and lifts her hand to my cheek where her fingers graze my stubble. "Now, a shave."

"I don't think so."

She ignores me and tries unsuccessfully to sit me down on the edge of her tub. When I merely grin at her, she grumbles and opens the cupboard beneath the basin. After searching for a few moments, she pulls out the shaving kit my dad bought me for Christmas years ago and sets it on the counter before filling the sink with water. I lift an eyebrow curiously as she pulls out the blade and shaving cream.

"You still have that? I thought I took it with me."

"You forgot many zings," Fleur replies before she turns toward me and lifts herself up on the sink. She pulls me to her until I am between her legs and then she picks up the shaving cream. "Now 'old still or I am afraid I may nick you."

Sighing, I stand still as she massages the foam over my chin, cheeks and underneath my nose. I grin at her and she shakes her head before lifting the blade. "Remember what I ‘ave told you."

We're quiet as she begins to slide the blade down my cheek slowly and I find myself watching her intently as she concentrates. Her brows furrow a bit, her bottom lip slips between her teeth. The only sound I can hear is the occasional swish of water when she rinses the blade.

Somehow, at some point, I became horrifically aroused. I kept my hips from touching her and standing between her parted legs was probably not the best idea, whether she was wearing trousers, or not. Maybe it was because I could smell her scent...most natural and her perfume. Maybe it was the touch of her fingers on me, the softness of her breath.

Fleur looks up at me, her lips parted and I hear her shaky breath before she nudges my chin with her knuckle. I lift my head up and swallow hard before she slides the blade down my throat cautiously. When she is finished, she rinses the blade again and sets it on the basin before picking up the damp rag and wiping the excess cream off of my face.

"Zere," she whispers hoarsely. "How does zat feel?"

I don't bother to touch my cheeks, instead I cup her face and graze my thumbs over her cheekbones. "Soft."

My mouth covers hers and her fingers immediately shove into my newly trimmed hair, pulling me to her. My hands fall to her waist and I bite gently upon her lower lip before plunging my tongue between her lips again. I tug her closer to the edge of the basin and begin to rub against her thoughtlessly. She moans and wraps her legs around me, our bodies desperate to create the proper friction we both crave. Nothing was stopping me from lifting her and carrying her across the hall into the bedroom, but I couldn't seem to do anything right now but possess her mouth and grind my erection between her legs.

Fleur gasps loudly and her head falls back as my mouth moves to her neck, worshiping the flesh with my tongue. She gasps again and again and her hands claw at my back as her harsh breathing turns into a low cry of pleasure. When she tenses and inhales sharply, I feel the tiny tremors in her body as her hips rock and I know she's climaxed.

I continue to push against her, my own release beginning to simmer but when I hear the sound of glass breaking on the floor beside me, I pull back suddenly, my chest heaving as Fleur yelps. In the throes of her orgasm, her arm knocked over a glass jar with what appeared to be cotton balls. We both stare at the shattered remains on the floor before I breathe in deeply and look at her. She's flushed, as am I, and her cheeks pinken deeper.

"I am sorry...I...got a bit out of hand," I say lamely. Fleur stares at me before her lips curve.

"I remember you used to love it when I would shave you," she answers quietly and I stare when I realize she has set me up. "The 'aircut you never enjoyed, but ze shave...you would drag me into ze bedroom after I finished with you."

It takes a moment before I laugh. "Wench," I say again before lifting her from the basin and setting her onto the ground, away from the glass. "I'll clean up the mess. I think you ought to give me the entire plate of biscuits for that."

She kisses my cheek. "Very well. I suppose you will be 'ungry after ze cold shower you will be taking."

I watch her walk away from me, her hips swaying in satisfaction and I groan appreciatively. I return to the glass and pull my wand from my back pocket to clean up the shards. The sad truth was, she was right.

Lunch with Fleur [December 27, 2005 @ 10:00pm]
It's extremely hard to believe that I'm sitting across from Fleur right now, eating fish and chips and laughing about the past. Laughing, not fighting. I didn't think we'd ever get to this point, but it seemed that something has happened in the past few months I've been home.

She came with me to the Burrow for Christmas after seeing Babette, Gabrielle and Aveline. My family, well, mum and dad, were stunned to say the least but welcomed her with open arms. I knew Fleur had been anxious to be around my family again in such a setting, but if there was one thing Fleur knew how to do, it was to hold her own, especially with my mum.

"So what does this mean?" Mum asked as I helped her with the goose in the kitchen. "Are you getting remarried?"

"No," I explained, probably for the tenth time that day. My younger siblings, namely Ginny and Ron, had asked me the same thing. "We're not back together. Not officially. We're...seeing what happens. We just don't know yet. We want to see where this takes us, mum. No pressure."

"I thought you were with that lovely young woman. And Charlie told me Fleur was seeing Paddy?"

"Things change," I replied simply and then shot her a smile. "You can be happy for us, mum. I know how much you've missed Phlegm."

"Oh, Bill!" Mum stared wide eyed before she smiled. "You should have been spanked more as a child, William Arthur."

"Probably so." I kissed her on the cheek and shoved the goose into the oven before preparing two glasses of Egg Nog for Fleur and myself. The family questions were a plenty but Fleur and I maintained our sanity for those few hours.

"Do you want ze pickle?" Fleur asks me and I look over at her and grin as she holds the pickle out to me. "Zey make my breath unpleasant."

I take the pickle and set it on my plate next to my fish. I picked Fleur up from the Ministry for lunch earlier, feeling much like I did when I was younger and taking her out for the first time. I had been in awe, smug, proud...much like I did when she took my hand earlier and allowed me to walk her out in front of her colleagues.

The days with her had been more than I could ever hope for. The stars were aligning properly in the world, at least for me. When I had taken Todd his gift on Christmas morning, I had found Paddy Meagher and Patricia sharing more than a cup of tea in front of the Christmas tree as Todd tore through his presents. Their kiss had surprised me, but I hadn't felt that angry jealousy that I was so used to when I would imagine Fleur with another man. I found I was happy for the both of them but kept the knowledge of this new relationship to myself.

I'm not sure how Fleur would take it, knowing a man had moved on from her so quickly.

"Have you spoken to your mother?" I ask casually, dipping a chip in malt vinegar. Fleur wrinkles her nose at my choice of flavoring but shakes her head.

"No, she 'as not contacted me yet. I know Gabrielle is safe, mere would never 'urt 'er but I worry. Mere used to take Gabrielle on 'oliday years before. She took her to Rome without even telling my pere." Her frown deepens. "Sometimes I do not believe mere theenks before she acts."

No kidding.

I decide to change the subject as I enjoy seeing Fleur's smile more than her frown. "I got you something," I announce and wipe my hands on my napkin before reaching into my robes and pulling out a small box wrapped carefully with a red bow. Fleur's eyes widen considerably and her chip falls from her fingers onto her plate.

I realize how much the box looks like a ring box and I clear my throat before shoving it across the table at her. She smiles and I know she knows that I would not be as classless as re-proposing to her in the Leaky Cauldron, of all places. "Bill, you did not 'ave to go to such trouble."

"I wanted to give it to you on Christmas, but...I wasn't sure how appropriate it would be." Frankly, I wasn't sure how far we were in our pseudo-new relationship yet. After a few hours of intense snogging that evening, however, I reckoned it was safe to give to her.

She opens the gift carefully and then gasps as she lifts the necklace out of the box. "Oh ma qualité! Eet is lovely, Bill." She slides her fingers over the diamonds before her eyes lift to mine. "You are ze only one who knows exactly what I like. Zis is too much."

I'm a thirty year old man blushing, but since I've made Fleur happy, it's well worth the embarrassment. That purse cost me two weeks wages from Gringott's, and it was money well spent.

"I'm glad you like it." I reach over to take her hand before kissing her knuckles softly. Her fingers straighten and she intertwines them with my own. When I look at her, I see in her eyes what I've been feeling every day since those wonderful thirty minutes in Fred's broomcupboard.


It's been hard not to throw her on the bed and ravish her, but we both agreed to take things slowly. I learned my lesson the night of Babette's party and I was not looking forward to finding myself nearly starkers again with my clothing thrown at my feet in front of our cottage.

But I am unable to resist her. It's just as it's always been. I was turned on whenever she touched me, whether it was a passionate kiss, a slight touch on the hand, or a hug...I would never reach my fill of Fleur Delacour.

Shifting around the chair, I slip my hand to the nape of her neck, letting my fingers touch the golden strands before I pulled her to me. Our lips met softly and I sunk into her, trying not to embarrass myself and moan when her full lips parted to grant my tongue access. We were snogging full force in a crowded pub, but neither of us cared. Fleur was never one for modesty, and there was something incredibly dominant and smug about showing the rest of the world that this woman belonged to me. And she did belong to me...

We pull away breathlessly and I stroke Fleur's cheek. I'm acutely aware that we're in the Leaky Cauldron and I could very easily pick her up and take her to one of the rooms...I think she realized it too because her eyes flickered briefly to the stairs.

"I should get you back to work," I say once I am able to clear my throat. I stand and throw a few Sickles on the table before taking her hand and helping her from the chair.

"Are you sure?" she asks, slipping the necklace back into the box after I help her into her robes. "I can stay awhile longer."

"Then we'll go get some ice cream." I put on my own robes and take her hand, leading her very quickly from the Cauldron before I threw her over my shoulder and demanded a room. "Something cold."

"But eet is freezing out zere!" she protests. "We do not need somezing cold?"

"I do," I grumble. "And a shower isn't available to me right now."

"Oh." She looks up at me before laughing. "I see."

I shoot her a hard look, but can't help but smile. "Ice cream?"

"Oui, I theenk I could eat some ice cream."

Hand in hand we begin down the road and when she leans into me and rests her head against me, I realize no amount of ice cream, or winter, or cold showers would ever douse the fire I feel for her.

Alone Again [December 20, 2005 @ 9:55pm]
I saw her as she was walking out of some witch's parlor...No, she once told me that they were beauty salons. Not parlors. She was walking out, her pale hair shimmering in what little sunlight there was today and I watched, almost mesmerized as the curls bounced along her shoulders. She walked with confidence and grace, again turning the heads of many wizards. I grinned as a witch bopped her husband upside the head with her shopping bag after he had paused in his tracks to watch Fleur cross the stone road.

The face of Wonder Witch, and the Wicked product line. Fleur absolutely knew she was gorgeous but since we had met, she had become a bit more subtle, and bit more modest, though if she was inclined to tell you how perfect her arse was, she would. And damn, she did have a perfect arse.

I feel my cheeks burn with shame when I remember Patricia waiting for me back at her cottage. Todd was home now, still feeling sluggish, but healthy thanks to Paddy Meagher. I should be home with them both instead of drooling over my ex-wife.

I start to turn to finish my Christmas shopping when I hear Fleur's breathless voice. "Bill!"

Surprised that she had seen me, or rather, surprised that she had sought me out, I pause in my steps and turn to see her walking briskly toward me, a small, cautious smile on her face. Her lipstick matched the red in her robes, which were festive and lined with white fur. She looked like she could be Mrs. Claus, though there was nothing elderly or plump about Fleur Delacour. Nothing but blonde hair, blue eyes and curves to lose yourself in on a cold, winter's night...

"How are you?" she asks, breaking me from my impure train of thought.

"I'm all right, thanks. And you?"

"Very well." Her eyes drop to the bag and parcel I'm carrying. "You are shopping?"

I smile sheepishly and shrug. "I sort of forgot Christmas was only a few days away."

"But you 'ate to shop," she replies with a twinkling laugh.

It was true. When we were married, Fleur always finished the Christmas shopping without me. Crowds, screaming children, pushy witches eager to grab the last broom off the shelf. It drove me mad.

"Something has to do it," I remind her gently and smile. "What are you doing out? It's freezing."

"I 'ad to buy Gabrielle's gift." Fleur lifts the white bag in her hand. She then fluffs her hair a bit and her eyes sparkle. "And I was getting my 'air trimmed for ze next photoshoot. Did you see ze last?"

The last Wicked photo spread? I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the ad. I walked around with a hard-on for hours.

"Er, yeah, I think I remember catching it in Quidditch Times," I tell her, feeling my cheeks burn again. She beams proudly and I can't help but watch the snow fall gracefully onto her hair and shoulders. She looked like an angel. All she needed was a halo. "Listen, I'm about finished here..."

"Oh." Her smile fades slightly and she nods. "I am sorry. I will let you go..."

"No!" I pause at my sudden outburst and then laugh. "I mean, did you want to get some tea and biscuits? I'm cold and could use something warm."

She chews on her bottom lip for a moment as she considers. My heart lifts when her eyes meet mine and she smiles. "Of course, Bill. Tea sounds quite lovely."

I reach out and take her own bag to carry it with my own and we begin to walk together toward The Leaky Cauldron.

I'm probably more light-hearted than I should be when I return to Patricia's cottage nearly three hours later. I shouldn't have found so much joy and laughter in having tea with my ex-wife but Fleur probably knew me better than anyone...and she knew how to make me laugh.

I push open the door to the cottage and listen for Patricia. I hear nothing so I shut the door and set the bags on the ground before tugging off my snow soaked cloak. "Patricia?"

I hear the clinking of glass and walk toward the kitchen. I pause in the doorway when I see Patricia at the table, sharing tea with Paddy Meagher. Patricia looks up from their conversation, her wide smile faltering slightly as she pushes back her chair. "Bill, you're home."

"I don't mean to interrupt," I begin but Patricia hurries to my side and kisses me on the cheek.

"You're not, don't be silly. Paddy came by to see Todd."

"Ah." I shake Paddy's hand when he stands and crosses to me. His smile is friendly and warm.

"His temperature keeps spiking, but I think the potions I brought over will finally get rid of the disease he's been harboring."

"Where is he now?" I ask Patricia who is watching Paddy with immense admiration.

"Upstairs, reading with Madam Margaret."

There is a moment of silence and I can't help but feel as though I've interrupted something quite intimate, though I'm unsure of what it is. Eager to get out of the room, I shove my hands into my pockets. "I'm going to go take a shower. Healer Meagher, it was nice to see you again."

"Likewise," Paddy replies and I turn on my heel and hurry out of the room.

It's not until my shower is complete and I'm dressed, sitting on the edge of Patricia's bed that I hear her coming up the stairs. The door shutting downstairs indicates that Paddy has just left and I know that this visit lasted a bit too long to be considered a simple Healer's visit. I should be in bed, going over my work orders for tomorrow, or reading...or simply waiting for her...but my boots are on and buckled, my clothes clean and folded...ready to be put away...or shoved into my bag. Was I staying? Leaving?

Merlin help me, I shouldn't abandon Patricia and Todd because I'm still in love with my ex-wife, but is it fair to stay?

The door opens and Patricia walks in, quietly shutting the door behind her. She looks lovely in her robes, with her hair falling around her shoulders. I wished to all the Gods and Goddesses that she would ignite that spark inside of me the way Fleur did.

Her eyes drift over my clothes and she smiles as she sits next to me, her hand resting on my own. "I think we need to talk, Bill."

Surprised, I look at her. "Do we?"

"I can't tell you how much I love you. How much I appreciate everything you've done for me, and Todd, and this entire village. You're a bit of a hero here you know."

"I'm not--"

Her hand lifts to my cheek and she turns my head until I am looking at her. "You are family, and you always will be. But I think that we both know it's time for you to leave."

Her bluntness stills me for a moment and I allow confusion to flow over me. "Leave...you want me to go?"

"I'd like for you to stay, if that's what you want, but I know your heart wishes to be elsewhere." Her words are not bitter, instead they hold understanding that I wish I could possess. "You still love Fleur, Bill. I've known this from the beginning and you've been good to me. You haven't made any promises and I respect that." Patricia stands and folds her hands in front of her as she paces. "I think I am comfortable enough now to make it on my own...to find someone who will love me."

"Patricia," I whisper, "I do."

"In your way, I know you do. But not like you love her." She hurries to me and cups my face. "I want someone to look at me the way you look at her, Bill. Can you understand that?"

"I can, but..." Trailing off, I study her closely, realizing that maybe, just maybe, Paddy Meagher had looked at her in a way I never could. I decide it's best not to say anything for fear that it would sound like an accusation. Instead I finally accept and pull her near. Kissing her, I feel her relief and when we pull away, I stand and finally put my things in my bag. "I'll come by often to see you."

"I hope so," she replies simply, sitting again on the edge of her bed. "Todd would be heartbroken if you didn't."

"And you?" I ask, flinging my bag up onto my shoulder. Patricia smiles warmly.

"I think I would be heartbroken too, Bill. I want us to stay friends. You mean too much to me."

I lean down and kiss her forehead. "You know how to reach me if you need anything. I'll be here in a second."

She nods and hugs me tightly, both of sighing a bit regretfully at what could have been.

When I get back to my flat, I toss my bag onto the floor and walk into my own bedroom. It's been awhile since I've slept in my bed, and I strip quickly and crawl into bed. I should be upset, angry even, that Paddy Meagher's somehow managed to steal the heart of another woman I had been involved with, but Patricia was right. She deserved better, though I hoped she wouldn't pine to heavily for Paddy who seemed completely infatuated with Fleur.

I wanted her to be happy. I wanted Fleur to be happy.

And if Paddy Meagher made them happy, then I'm happy for them.

Grumbling, I shove my head under my pillows and try to sleep.

A Talk with Charlie [December 14, 2005 @ 9:53pm]
I waited until Aveline Rousseau had left before plunking down the package I had been carrying on Charlie's desk. He looked at the package before cocking an eyebrow and looking up at me.

"I'm almost afraid to ask."

"Oi! No trust? I'm not Fred or George," I remind him as I settle myself into one of his fancy, cushy chairs and sprawl my legs out comfortably. "For all you know I might have some big breasted showgirl ready to pop out of there and give you the lapdance of your life, little brother."

"She's awfully bendy," Charlie replies before straightening in his chair and eyeing the package. My curiosity gets the better of me and I wait a moment before asking...

"So what were you doing with Aveline Rousseau?"

"You know Aveline?" he asks, eyes widening in surprise. I grin and shrug.

"Course I do. Besides being your mate in school for a bit, she's close to Fleur's family. I had met her years ago when I was with Fleur. Bit of an Ice Queen really."

"She's not so bad," Charlie mutters and puts his hand around the package I had brought for him, pulling it back against him. "Can I open it?"

"It's your birthday present, of course you can." I watch him as he pulls the brown paper off of the package, effectively making a mess on his desk, but looking at the quills and parchment sprawled across the oak, I didn't think he'd care so much. He opened the box and then lifted his eyebrow again curiously.

"There's nothing in here?"

"Oh, right." Grinning, I lift a shoulder in a small shrug. "I couldn't think of what to get you, so I thought I'd take you for a man's night out. The pub, some dinner, and maybe getting you that big breasted lap dance."

Charlie laughs and shakes his head. "I'll take the dinner and the pub, but I don't think Tonks would appreciate the lap dance."

"Course she wouldn't, it's not for her."


"Right, domestic bliss." I wave my hand and then smile. "That's fine. How is Tonks by the way?"

"Good. Perfect, actually. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up in Romania and realize I had been dreaming the last few months." Charlie sits down again and scratches the nape of his neck. "I can't complain, Bill. And Patricia?"

"She's good," I admit with a frown. "Todd is sick, still at St.Mungo's. Fleur's boyfriend is treating him so he can make it through the full."


"Oh, yeah, forgot you knew him."

Charlie laughs. "You forgot?"

"It's hard to see him as anything but Fleur's boyfriend now," I admit with a sheepish smile. "If I think of him as Paddy Meagher, one of your best mates, I want to punch him for shagging one of his best mate's brother's ex-wife..."

Charlie's brows furrow on confusion and I sigh. "Did that make sense?"

"In an odd way, yes."

I think back for a moment to the night Patricia and I took Todd to Paddy. Fleur had been sitting there with a young girl, reading her a story, some fairy tale. She had looked like an angel, with her pale hair falling to her shoulders, her voice hypnotic and sweet. She had looked at me as if I had become a new person, bringing Todd to Paddy...telling me I had did the right thing.

Did she think I'd leave Todd to suffer, because he was a werewolf? I had despised that part of myself for so long, I suppose I could see her surprise...but something in her eyes had caught me...admiration? Affection?

It was something I hadn't seen in her eyes for a very long time...


Looking at Charlie, I feel my cheeks burn. "What?"

"You went somewhere for a moment," Charlie tells me. "All right?"

"All right," I nod and stand quickly. "You let me know when you want that dinner and drink."

"Will you be okay for the full?" he asks and stands to walk me to his office door. "Patricia?"

I nod and clasp my cloak. "She'll be fine. I'll be fine too. Happy Belated, little brother." I clap him on the shoulder and squeeze tightly. "Give Tonks a kiss for me."

We say goodbye and I lift my hand to wave. I pass through the department and pause briefly when I see Fleur walking briskly through the crowd back to Moody's office. Her hair dances gracefully behind her, her curvy body drawing the eyes of several wizards she passes. I grin and admire the view myself as nostalgia floods me. It only proved how much of a bastard I was, but I missed kissing her. Holding her against me.


I leave the department quickly, my mind full of Fleur as I head to St. Mungo's to visit Todd.

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